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How to Get the New Gmail Inbox Now



Google is rolling out a new Gmail Inbox widely today making it possible for almost any Gmail user to try the new Gmail inbox with tabs on the web, on the iPhone and soon on Android.

The new Gmail Inbox uses a tab approach to sort and categorize mail automatically. Just as users can open multiple tabs in a browser, the Gmail inbox supports tabs for specific types of mail.

By default, Gmail’s new inbox includes three tabs; Primary, Social and Promotions, but users can also add Forums and Updates to the mix. Like the Priority Inbox, Gmail automatically sorts these messages so there is no further action required.

Google announced the new Gmail inbox last week, but now that it is available on the Gmail iPhone app they have rolled out access to almost every Gmail user. In order to use the new Gmail inbox on the iPhone, users will need to turn it on in their Gmail account on a computer.

If you try the new Gmail inbox and want to go back, Google makes that easy as well.

How to Turn on the New Gmail Inbox

To turn on the new Gmail inbox, log into your Gmail account. Once logged into Gmail, look for a small gear icon in the upper right corner. Click on this once to open a drop down with more options.

Step 1: Go to Configure Inbox.

Step 1: Go to Configure Inbox.

On this screen, click on Configure Inbox. Don’t go straight to Settings as the new inbox settings won’t be there yet.

After you click on Configure Inbox, Google will show a small popup that lets you pick which tabs to enable. The Primary, Social and Promotions tabs are checked by default. Users can also pick to have Starred messages show in the Primary inbox.

Step 2: Choose the new Gmail Inbox tabs you want to use.

Step 2: Choose the new Gmail Inbox tabs you want to use.

Click Save to save these settings and enable the new Gmail inbox experience. A new screen will show up that highlights the new Gmail tabs and explains how the system works.

Check out the new Gmail Inbox features and get started.

Check out the new Gmail Inbox features and get started.

Users can click the plus sign to the right to change which tabs are shown. To change the overall Inbox settings, or to switch back to Priority Inbox, users can click the Settings cog and choose Settings. Then click on the Inbox tab and choose Primary from the drop down.

Once enabled this will show up on the new Gmail for iPhone app and on the updated Gmail or Android app whenever it appears in the Google Play Store.

Google offers a help page that shares more on Inbox tabs and category labels.



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