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How to Make Your Instagram Photos Look Better



If you want to up your Instagram game, here’s how to make your Instagram photos look better.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps in the world, allowing iPhone and Android users to take photos with their devices and post them on the image-based social network and even apply different effects and filters to their pictures.

In fact, that’s one of the big features of Instagram. The ability to easily edit your photos and apply different filters and effects gives Instagram its unique taste, and that’s perhaps what makes it one of the most popular apps in the App Store right now.

What’s more is that smartphone cameras are getting better and better every year, allowing for better and better Instagram photos that users can take, but what if you want to make your Instagram photos look even better? There’s a lot of competition out there, and to get as many likes as you can, your photos need to look good.

To do this, you need to implement a mix of good photo composition and photo editing to come up with a really good Instagram photo. Here’s how to make your Instagram photos look better than ever before.

Follow Basic Photography Rules

So these aren’t necessarily “rules” so to speak, but they’re general tips and tricks that you should follow if you want to take a good picture.

IMG_2177 copy

We have a guide on how to take better photos with your iPhone, which details a handful of tips that are good to follow, but a big tip is that composition is key. Photo composition is defined as the strategic placement of objects and elements in a picture.

The rule of thirds is a common composition tip to have in your arsenal, so instead of framing your subject right in the center of your photo, you can offset it and provide a nice composition that your viewers will enjoy.

There are a ton of other tips for photo composition, and this guide explains a handful of them that could prove useful to you.

Avoid Filters

Perhaps the biggest feature of Instagram is its handful of filters that can instantly enhance your photos and make them look better, and there are all kinds of filters that can be applied, depending on the type of look that you’re aiming for.


However, if you want the most control over how your photo looks while you’re editing it, it’s actually best to avoid the filters and use the manual editing features instead.

By tapping on the wrench icon to the right after you take a photo, you’ll have access to a ton of different editing features, including adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, and even apply a tilt-shift effect that will change the focus of the photo and give it a shallower depth-of-field.

By using the manual editing features, you have more control over how your photos look, so if you’re not quiet happy with the included filters, perhaps using the other editing features will be more helpful.

You can, however, apply a filter and then manually edit it if the effect is too much. So if you like a particular filter, but wish you could modify just slightly, this is the way to do it.

Pay Attention to the Details

If you usually only take photos during important life events, like a family gathering or at the ballpark, you might be missing out on some great Instagram photos.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.59.42 AM

Some of the best Instagram photos you can take are of ordinary objects that may seem boring, but with the right composition and editing, a photo of that “boring” object can make it seem interesting all of a sudden.

The one thing I like about Instagram is that it allows me to post all of the photos that I take with my iPhone that I normally wouldn’t post on Facebook or Twitter. Before I had Instagram, I would take a photo of something and eventually just delete it because I wouldn’t post it anywhere. However, Instagram is made for posting any and all photos, no matter how big or small their importance is.

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