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15 Ways to Make Money on Amazon in 2020



Are you looking for ways to make money on Amazon or with Amazon in 2020? Here is a full rundown of the best ways to make money on Amazon while you work from home or in your spare time.

You can pair this up with the best ways to make money online in 2020 if you are looking to add to your bank account with a side hustle, creative pursuit, or a way to add more to your business’ bottom line.

You can create and sell on Amazon, make money as an affiliate or influencer, deliver packages for Amazon make apps or services using Amazon tech, publish on Amazo, distribute a movie or stream your game and life. You can even get a remote job with Amazon if you want a second or new job. There are a lot of opportunities.

If you choose one of these routes, you may also want to get Amazon Business, which is a free service that unlocks special business items, quantity discounts, and additional benefits.

Sell on Amazon

Sell on Amazon to make money.

When you become an Amazon selling partner you can reach millions of customers in over 180 countries. You can ship yourself, or you can choose fulfillment by Amazon to let Amazon handle shipping, returns, and customer service. There are various plans and options to choose from. This starts at $39.99 a month plus the cost of selling fees.

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Sell to Business Users on Amazon

If you are a company or individual that sells items directly to a business, you can join the Amazon Business selling program and directly ready companies on Amazon. Third-party sellers make up more than 50% of the 10 billion annualized sales run on Amazon Business. This gives you access to over half of the Fortune 100 companies, more than 50% of the biggest U.S. hospitals, and many local governments.

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Sell Merch on Amazon

Amazon Merch is a way to sell clothes and merch to fans and followers without printing, shipping, and holding your own inventory. You set the price and when someone orders Amazon prints it and ships it with Prime Shipping to qualified customers.

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Sell Artisan Goods on Amazon

Are you an artisan that handmakes items, and who is in need of a marketplace to reach new buyers? Amazon Handmade is a vetted selling program for handcrafted goods only. Ther are no hidden fees, just a 15% referral fee and you get a custom URL on Amazon so it is easy for people to find your shop.

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Get a Remote Job with Amazon

If you want to work for Amazon there are Work From Home jobs that you can apply for in a range of positions and locations. Many of these are work from anywhere, but you will need to find one that is based in your location. There are full time, part-time and seasonal options in a range of different categories.

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Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you own a website or a creative outlet, you can link to Amazon and make money when your readers or listeners click and buy from Amazon. The fees range up to 10%, but carry by category. This is a way that you can make money on content you are creating or that you’ve already created.

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Become an Amazon Influencer

For social media users and YouTubers, the Amazon Influencer program is a tempting option. This is like associates, but it lets you create a storefront and share products. You can join with a qualifying YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

Learn more about being an Amazon Influencer

Deliver Amazon Packages

If you are in an area, you can sign up to be an Amazon Delivery driver using the Amazon Flex app. This allows you to reserve a block, make deliveries, and get paid. Amazon says most drivers earn $18 to $25 an hour, but that actual earnings depend on your location, tips and how long deliveries take you.

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Start an Amazon Delivery Business

Make money delivering packages with Amazon.

The next step up from delivering is to start an Amazon delivery business. You can start this business with as little as $10,000 and you gain access to Amazon’s logistics services so that you can build a team with the existing tech.

Learn more about starting an Amazon delivery business

Sell Apps on Amazon

You can sell apps on Amazon if you are an app developer. According to Amazon developers who added the Amazon App Store saw similar or better revenue than the competition and provided access to new customers. There are options to monetize your apps and there is no cost to join the App Store as a developer.

Learn more about selling Apps on Amazon

Sell Software on the Amazon Cloud

If you make business software or have an idea for business software, you can join the AWS marketplace and start selling today. You can sell solutions, SaaS products, and data exchange products on the service with multiple pricing options.

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Sell an Alexa Skill

You can create an Alexa skip that lets you reach new customers, lets your brand have a voice on Alexa powered devices, or to sell goods and services. There is a wide range of options, and you can tap into the transition features to sell or simply raise awareness with complementary skills.

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Sell Kindle Books

You can self publish on Amazon selling Kindle eBooks and paperbacks. It is free to set up and you make 70% of the royalty in most countries. You can also earn through Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

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Distribute a Movie

You can distribute a movie on Amazon and get paid based on hours viewed on Prime Video, ads, or a share of rentals. You gain access to a wide range of devices across the web. YOu can also tap into analytics and metrics to help you market and promote.

Learn more about Prime Video Direct

Stream Video Games

Amazon owns a platform called Twitch, which is a place that you can stream video games or stream in real-life or other creative options. You can make money with ads and from viewer support. It is free to join up and easy to get started on.

Learn more about streaming games on Twitch

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