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How to Speed Up the Galaxy Note 7 in Seconds



The new Galaxy Note 7 is one of Samsung’s best smartphones to date, and in this quick guide we’ll shown owners how to make it even better and faster. Follow the simple instructions below to speed up the Galaxy Note 7 in just a matter of seconds. All it takes is changing a few settings in a hidden developer menu.

With a huge 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, powerful processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage the Note 7 is as powerful as some laptops and Chromebooks. And while there are countless different ways to improve Galaxy Note 7 performance, ours is so easy that literally anyone can do it.

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What we’ll be explaining below is so easy that everyone can do it. Whether this is your first Android smartphone, or the latest in a long line of Galaxy purchases, anyone can do this and it only takes a few minutes at most. The best part though, is the difference will actually be noticeable right away.

Galaxy Note 7 Tips & Tricks

Galaxy Note 7 Tips & Tricks

We’ve seen some reports floating around that the Galaxy Note 7 isn’t as fast and powerful as a $900 smartphone should be, but it is. Changes to the software, settings menu, to even animation effects can change how users perceive performance. It may not look extremely fast and fluid, but there are also pretty animations as you open and close windows, or go from menu to menu to make the experience clean and seamless. That is one of three key software components we’ll be changing in settings.

Essentially all we are doing here is unlocking a hidden developer menu built into the smartphone, then changing three settings to speed up the Galaxy Note 7. Users will notice a huge increase in performance while opening apps, switching between open apps, flipping through the settings menu and more. This trick isn’t new and has been around for years, but most don’t know it exists. Lets get started.


First we need to gain access to a hidden developer menu in settings, which then gives us access to the important software changes. The video and link below explain this in detail, and we have a few screenshots as well so you know exactly what to do.

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On the Galaxy Note 7 head into settings by sliding down the notification shade and hitting the gear-shaped settings button in the top right, or find “Settings” in the application tray. Once in settings navigate to General Management and scroll down to Build Number.


Tap “Build Number” 7-8 times really fast and you’ll see a notification that you are now a developer, and the developer menu has been unlocked. Now, lets make our phone faster.

Speed Up the Galaxy Note 7

Now that we’ve unlocked the developer menu you’ll need to hit the back button once, and go back into the original settings menu. Scroll to the bottom of settings and there is a new menu labeled Developer Options, select that. We’ll be scrolling down about halfway and changing three settings which will speed up the Galaxy Note 7 and improve performance.

So, starting from the top we need to navigate to Settings > Developer Options > Scroll down until you see Windows Animation Scale, Transitions Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale, as shown in the image below. These are all set to 1x. Turning these values UP to a higher number you’ll see animations and screen transitions get extremely slow. You can try it just for fun, but we’re actually turning them down to 0.5x, or off completely.


Tap and change all three of the animation settings mentioned above from 1x down to 0.5x. This will cut the animation, transition and window opening speeds and effects in half, and make your phone feel twice as fast. Everything opens quicker. From apps, flipping through settings, opening windows, the application tray and everything else. Transitions and animations have all been doubled in speed.

This will not cause any harm to the Galaxy Note 7 or any of your apps. Everything will continue to work exactly as they did before, just faster. For those confused about the steps above or want a visual explanation, our video below is a step-by-step guide. It’s on the old Galaxy S4 with stock Android, but it’s the same exact steps to complete the task on the Note 7.

On devices like the Galaxy Note 7 that run Android windows  and apps quickly fade into view, fade away when you close them, and so on. They are neat and pretty animations, but they slow the phone down. Changing these settings cuts those waiting times in half. Some users may choose to completely turn them off by setting them to 0, but keeping it at 0.5x keeps the beautiful animation and transition effects, but makes them all twice as fast.

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To finish, we’d recommend users restart the Note 7 to make sure the changes apply throughout the system. As a reminder, this works on any and all Android smartphones or tablets, so try it on every device you own and feel free to tell your friends and family.  Make these changes today and enjoy a faster smartphone. Those who don’t like the changes can always revert back to 1x using the same steps mentioned above. Enjoy.

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