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How to Pair an iPhone with Ford Sync



If a new car is in your future, or if you recently purchased a new vehicle, odds are you can pair it with your mobile phone. On a Ford or Lincoln vehicle Ford’s SYNC technology, based on the Microsoft Car interface, actually works quite well with the iPhone. By pairing your iPhone to your Ford you also unlock a series of features. First, you can listen to any music on your phone through the car audio over Bluetooth. Secondly, you have full Siri control. Next, you can use your phone by utilizing an in-car microphone and the stereo speakers. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, pairing your phone enables 911 Assist. This feature will call 911 if you are in an accident and transmit your GPS coordinates to emergency dispatchers.

Although not as comprehensive as the Siri Eyes Free system, the integration works very well, and provides you hands free access to your phone. When mounted in the right spot inside the vehicle, you can have easy access to all of your phone’s functions while still remaining safe on the road.

At this point, I am sure you are thinking “WOW! I have to try this!” Here is how you do it:

Pairing to SYNC

These instructions are for the SYNC and SYNC with MyFord equipped vehicles, but NOT the MyFord touch equipped vehicles. If your center stack looks similar to the one shown (taken from a Ford Fiesta), then you have the right vehicle.

Ford Sync System

Make sure you have Bluetooth set to On in your Settings app.

iPhone Settings App

With the ignition on, press the Phone button. If you have no phones paired, it will say on the display “No Phones Paired” and then present you with the option to Add Bluetooth Device.

Sync Add Bluetooth Device

Press the big OK on the center stack.

Sync OK Button

The system will then verbally say “Look for SYNC on your device.” In the Bluetooth menu on your phone, click on SYNC and enter the passcode that is now displayed on the display in the car.

Sync on Bluetooth iOS Menu

After the pairing is successful, the system in the car will ask you on the display to Download Phonebook and Set as Primary Device. You want to answer Yes to both of these questions by hitting the OK button several times to get through the menus. It will also ask you, if it has not been done already, to enable 911 Assist. You should also do that, because if you are ever in an accident the car will automatically dial 911 for you, inform the emergency responders where you are via GPS coordinates, and allow you to speak (if you are able to).

To test the pairing to make sure its successful, press the SYNC voice command button and say “Bluetooth Audio.” You should start hearing music through the stereo from your iPhone! Additional phone information is also provided on the center screen. Sync will show you the signal strength of the phone and the amount of battery life available.

Sync Paired Success

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