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How to Perfectly Install a Galaxy S5 Screen Protector



If you’re looking to add a little extra protection to your new Galaxy S5 by getting a screen protector, there are a lot of options available from almost every manufacturer around. However, it’s the installation process that usually has buyers frustrated, but we have a new tool from TYLT that looks to curb all your alignment problems.

Putting on a screen protector can be a hassle. Often times you don’t get it straight, there’s air bubbles, or you even get some dust under the screen and it ends up looking awful and bubbling everywhere until you take it off. If you want the perfect Galaxy S5 screen protector install, you’ll want to watch our video below.

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The popular external battery and case manufacturer TYLT is one of many different groups offering a screen protector for the Galaxy S5. While it isn’t tempered or strengthened glass like some, it also isn’t very expensive. To make things even better they offer a unique “alignment” tool that will make your install easy, painless, and most importantly, perfect.


If you’re anything like me you want your screen protector to be perfect. I have what some may call OCD when it comes to my electronics and smartphones, and that’s especially true with my screen protectors. If it doesn’t line up perfectly or has a single bubble, I’m starting over.

What we have for you below is quick description of this product, and a how to video showing users just how easy it actually is to get a perfect install. I managed to do so while using one hand for most of if, while off to the side recording the video. If you want to add a screen protector with ease, this is your best bet.

Instead of the traditional water-solution where they want you to spray your device, then give you a little tool to scrape all the air bubbles out, TYLT simply has a tool to get it perfect, so you won’t need to wet your screen protector and try to slide it into place. That never works anyways, so this is a welcomed edition to any buyers purchase.

Instructions & Video

This is actually called the TYLT Alin, and they have it for an array of devices, but you’ll want to buy one for $19.99 for the Galaxy S5. With this you’ll get four screen protectors in the kit: One HD Anti-Glare and three regular HD screen protectors. You’ll also get a microfiber cloth for cleaning your screen, a card for clearing bubbles, and an alignment tool. We’d recommend using something like a credit card to clear bubbles, but the alignment tool is the best part of this entire package.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.54.14 PM

Simply clean your Samsung Galaxy S5 display with the included cloth, and slide it into the TYLT Alin tool. From here you’ll select the screen protector you wish to use, and follow along with the video below.

The first tab is the adhesive part, so remove that and put it face-down right on your display. Align it with the tool and let go. You’ll want to make sure there is no air conditioning or fans going around, as the may blow dust under the screen during install. From here just remove any bubbles, take off the second protection layer, and you’re all done.

Take your time and align it right the first time (something I didn’t do) and you’ll be done in less than 2 minutes. This was by far one of the easiest, fastest, and perfect installs of a screen protector I’ve ever done. Consider me a fan. Below is a better look at the perfect alignment around the front camera and other sensors on the Galaxy S5.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.43.27 PM

One thing worth mentioning is this comes with four screen protectors. Three are regular HD screens, and the second is an HD Anti-glare as we mentioned above. The anti-glare may have an additional texture to it that won’t feel as smooth as you swipe, so we’d recommend trying them both and seeing what works best for you.

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When you have an alignment tool to get it perfect the first time there’s no need for four, as you won’t make a mistake and need a second screen protector for another attempt. That being said, they offer four in case one gets scratched up, so save them for a rainy day.

All said and done, for $19.99 you get four screen protectors and one of the easiest installs we’ve done to date.

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