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How to Pick a Tablet For Your Needs [InfoGraphic]



Finding the right tablet these days can be a challenging and circuitous decision process, which is evident from the humorous choose your own adventure tablet picking infographic our friends at Retrevo put together.

Retrevo_Tablet_Adventure-01_0Click for Larger

While the infographic may not really help you find the perfect tablet, it does highlight a large part of the decision process and a good sample of the available tablet devices and device classes that you might be interested in.

Possible Tablet Choices from Retrevo:

One thing this infographic can’t do is account of the wide number of Android tablets coming to market soon or having just arrived like the HTC Flyer. Unfortunately, the infographic doesn’t include any Windows 7 tablets that are heavily used by enterprise workers. With numerous tablets including the Motion CL900 rugged Windows 7 tablet arriving, there is still hope for Windows Tablets, even if the entire tablet market is difficult to grasp.


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