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How to Play the Madden 15 Trial for More Than 6 Hours



With a bit of time and a little cash you can play the Madden 15 trial for more than six hours using EA Access.

EA access offers a Madden 15 early release to subscribers letting them play Madden 15 early five days before the official Madden 15 release date on August 26th, but many gamers already burned through the six-hour limit EA imposed on the Madden 15 trial.

If you want to get around the six-hour limit all you need to do is pay more money to EA Access and get a free Xbox Live account.

This sounds a little crazy to some players, but for users that cannot wait for Tuesday to play the new Madden this is the only way to get around the six hour Madden 15 trial limit.

Learn how to play the Madden 15 trial for more than six hours.

Learn how to play the Madden 15 trial for more than six hours.

In addition to paying $5 for the added access the only other catch is you cannot use the saved data from the other profile so you;ll start over from scratch. This isn’t going to be the account you use to play Madden Ultimate Team or boost your connected franchise, but it can be one you use to move through skills trainer, have fun in the Gauntlet and play Madden 15 early online and with friends.

Operation Sports user aholbert32 shares the instructions you need to play the Madden 15 trial for more than six hours. The process takes about 15 minutes and you’ll need to spend $5 more on the second EA Access subscription.  You don’t need a new Xbox Gold account and you don’t need to download Madden 15 again to play.

1) Click on the sign in section of the homepage

2) Go to “Add New” and enter all of the information (new username, email etc.) to register

3) Go to the MS Store and select EA Access Hub

4) Enter the Hub and fill out the information (You may need to register a new Origin account and enter your credit card info (which takes awhile).

5) Purchase EA Access.

6) Shut down your console and restart it.

7) Sign in w/ the new user account and go to the EA Access and select Madden 15.

8) The game will temporarily act as if it is going to install but then immediately switch to “Play Trial”

After you complete these steps you can play the Madden 15 trial for another six hours. If you really, really love Madden you may be able to repeat this a third time and extend the Madden 15 trial timer to 18 hours.

You’ll need to make sure you cancel EA Access on this second account after your trial is over. Otherwise you’ll end up with a monthly charge of $5 that you don’t want or need anymore.

You don’t need a new Xbox Live Gold account to make this work because the Xbox One shares the benefits of Gold from your main account to the secondary account on the same Xbox One.

For $5 you can play the Madden 15 trial for six more hours, using a free Xbox Live Account.

For $5 you can play the Madden 15 trial for six more hours, using a free Xbox Live Account.

Users need to make sure they exit the Madden 15 game on the Xbox One when they are done playing so the timer does not continue. You can go to the home screen, use the menu button and select quit. Then we start another game, just to be safe.

The ability to play the Madden 15 trial for more than six hours is exciting for Madden fans, some users are concerned that it could set a precedent towards EA selling limited trials early more often for more money. Relique writes on NEOGaf,

This could become a problem if EA and other publishers decide that all their games will become available a month earlier to those who are willing to fork out a subscription fee. Or if they decide that you can pay 10 dollars over the retail price of a game to get early access.”

Ultimately early access to games is an exciting and interesting new trend that continues with NHL 15, FIFA 15 and even with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare later this year. We’ll see how it evolves with how much access publishers are willing to give away for free and how much they will charge for early access to popular games.



  1. kline44

    08/22/2014 at 2:24 pm

    Been playing madden 15 on xbox one sine last night. This is the footvall i have been waiting for. It is absolutely perfect and stunning. Only used 3 of my 6 hours of early access. Buying another access subscription is a little crazy sibce the game releases next week….but hey if you have the $ have at it. Pour it into EA Access since the service is fantastic. Ill be waiting on the other big name publishers right here on my xbox one….love it. Well done EA and Microsoft !

  2. rody1d5

    08/23/2014 at 6:12 pm

    Good game… the fan graphics are really stale and flat….not like nba2k14 fans… but it’s probably pretty resource intensive to diversify them where a football stadium seats about 4 times the number of fans as basketball. ..but other than than… best Madden in years

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