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How to Prepare for the iPhone 6 Release Date



With an iPhone 6 release date rumored for September, consumers are starting to prepare for the new iPhone release. And while the next iPhone may not be official, there are some things that consumers should consider doing in the weeks leading up to the inevitable iPhone 6 release date later on this year.

For months now, we’ve heard about Apple’s plans for 2014. The company’s product pipeline is said to include a number of new products including an iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iWatch, and an MacBook Air with Retina. This on top of the iOS 8 and Mac OS X updates that are official and will be pushing out sometime this fall.

While the star of the show is debatable, there’s no question that the iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated of the bunch. iPhone 6 rumors continue to tease consumers ahead of launch and rumors point to some significant upgrades from the iPhone 5s, upgrades that could help put the iPhone 6 at the top of the smartphone heap.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with a large high-resolution display, an improved camera, a powerful 64-bit A8 processor, and a new design that is thinner than the iPhone 5s and features Sapphire glass in the front and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded inside of the home button. The device isn’t confirmed but iPhone 6 rumors have converged on many of these features.

Apple still hasn’t announced an iPhone 6 release date but given that the iOS 8 release is slated for the fall, consumers have a pretty good idea about when to expect the new iPhone release. And while the iPhone 6 may not be official or available, there are some things that we think consumers can do to better prepare for its upcoming launch.

Here, we offer up 10 tips to future iPhone 6 buyers and detail how best to prepare for the iPhone 6 release date this fall.

Research the Competition

The iPhone 5s next to a 5.5-inch display on the LG G3.

The iPhone 5s next to a 5.5-inch display on the LG G3.

With an iPhone 6 release date coming up, it’s time to start preparing for its release. And maybe the first thing that prospective iPhone 6 buyers will want to do is research the competition.

Many of the iPhone 6’s greatest threats are currently on shelves, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3, and the Nexus 5. Even the iPhone 5s is worth checking out ahead of the iPhone 6. These devices are readily available at local carriers and they’re also available at retailers like Best Buy. Going hands-on with these before the iPhone 6’s arrival is a must.

There are also several devices that are poised to launch later in the year to challenge the iPhone 6. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of those rumored devices that should be on iPhone 6 buyers radar. Absorb all of the latest information and stay up to date. This will make your decision much easier once the iPhone 6 lands on shelves later this year.

Look Into Carriers & Data Plans

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 Video - Lightning

This is going to be a no-brainer for some people but for others, it’s going to be one of the keys to a smoother iPhone 6 release this fall.

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to the iPhone 6’s arrival, you need to start looking into your carrier options and into the data plans that reside on those carriers. Data plans and network capabilities are not created equal.

For instance, T-Mobile currently has its LTE-A network in place in several regions while other carriers lag behind. LTE-A provides faster data speeds than the ones found on your typical LTE network.

Data plans are different too. Sprint, for instance, still offers unlimited data. T-Mobile, unlike its competitors, does not offer on-contract data plans. You must buy your device off-contract. And finally, a carrier like U.S. Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest, is limited to certain parts of the country.

You’ll want to take a look at how coverage is in your area, a simple Google search will yield some solid results, and you’ll obviously want to take a look at overall cost. Carriers make smartphones appear cheap but they’re actually very expensive investments. We’re talking, thousands of dollars over the course of two years. So, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you buy.

Each U.S. carrier will offer you something different and it will be up to you to decide which carrier best fits your needs.

Expect to Pay Full Price

128GB iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 price is still a mystery though rumors suggest that we could see two price points: $199.99 for the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and $299.99 for the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Those prices aren’t set in stone so we wouldn’t put too much stock into them right now.

What we do know is that the iPhone has, for several years running, cost at least $199.99. So we would prepare as if the iPhone 6 is going to cost the usual $199.99 on-contract and perhaps $650 off-contract.

You should also expect to have to pay full price for the iPhone 6. This isn’t an Android smartphone. While Android smartphones will often see day one discounts at retailers like Amazon, take the LG G3 for example, we almost never see day one discounts on the iPhone. If we do see deals they’re typically only a few bucks off.

The iPhone 6 is not the incremental upgrade that the iPhone 5s was and with tons of iPhone 5 users coming off-contract, there is no reason to think that we’ll see day one or even month one discounts. If anything, we’d expect there to be some Black Friday deals involving gift cards but we would not count on that to happen.

Budget like you’re going to have to pay $199.99 or $299.99.

Budget for Accessories


Furthermore, we suggest budgeting for accessories if you anticipate using a case. While old iPhone 5 cases work for the iPhone 5s and vice versa, the iPhone 6 is almost certainly going to be larger than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. Thus, older cases will likely be rendered useless.

Of course, there are some reasons to consider not using a case, but if you want to add some style or protection to your iPhone 6, you should factor that into your budget going forward. The best iPhone cases aren’t cheap.

There are a number of other accessories that will likely go on sale with the iPhone 6 and we highly suggest saving up some extra cash just in case you want a new dock, stand or something else.

Set Your iPhone 6 Expectations


At this point, you should start setting your iPhone 6 expectations. And to do that, you should start, cautiously, taking a look at the latest iPhone 6 rumors. Over the past few months, iPhone 6 rumors have begun to firm up and it’s looking like the device will be coming with a number of upgrades to suit your every need.

While there are those that likely hoping for two days of battery life, a flexible display, and or a phone that prints money, it’s time to start tempering those expectations.

Don’t believe every single iPhone 6 rumor you see or hear but certainly take them into account and absorb the ones that are deemed the most credible. At this point, those include the larger Sapphire displays, the new A8 processor, camera improvements, a slimmer design, Touch ID, and a form factor that’s larger than previous iPhones.

Keep an eye on iPhone 6 rumors going forward to help prepare.

Weigh Potential iPhone 6 Screen Sizes

The iPhone 6 release will bring bigger screen competition to Samsung.

The iPhone 6 release will bring bigger screen competition to Samsung.

Specifically, you should start weighing your screen size needs. At this point, the iPhone 6 is almost certainly going to come in at least one size, somewhere around 4.7-inches. iPhone 6 rumors also point to a larger 5.5-inch model that could help the company challenge larger devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3.

Rumors have shown a drastic size difference between the two iPhone 6 models and so you’ll want to start thinking about which one is going to better suit your needs. The smaller iPhone 6 will almost certainly be more pocketable and easier to hold with one hand while the larger model would offer advantages for gaming and watching movies.

To get a feel for the sizes, we suggest taking a look at the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the 5.5-inch LG G3, and the 4.7-inch Moto X in particular. While they won’t be exact, they’ll probably help sway you in one direction or the other ahead of launch.

Have a Plan for your Current Smartphone

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 Video - Size

If you’re upgrading to iPhone 6, it’d be smart to have a plan in place for your current smartphone, be it an Android phone, a Windows Phone, or perhaps an older Apple iPhone.

Before the iPhone 6’s arrival, make a decision to either give it away to a friend, family or charity, sell it on a site like Gazelle, or hold onto it as a relic and future antique.

If you’re set on selling your current smartphone, we highly suggest keeping an eye on sites like Gazelle and NextWorth because prices will start to fluctuate as we push closer to the iPhone 6 release. You can also check out eBay and Craigslist though mileage is going to vary on those two sites.

Figure Out Your Storage Needs

iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 5s

The iPhone 6 will almost certainly come in a number of storage options and rumors suggest that we could finally see a 128GB iPhone join the party. Unfortunately, rumors point to the 5.5-inch model as the only one with that kind of power.

Choosing between storage sizes is not going to be as easy as you think. While 16GB will likely be the cheapest, it will also present the biggest pains down the road. Storing photos, videos and applications, especially if you don’t fully take advantage of iCloud, can add up over time.

We don’t know the exact sizes of the iPhone 6 so at this point, you need to figure out if you can get bye on the minimum or if paying an extra $100 or $200 for peace of mind is going to be worth it. Decide on this before the iPhone 6 release date.

Decide If You Need It Immediately


Decide if you need the iPhone 6 on day one. This is a choice that you’d be wise to make ahead of time because iPhone launches are unpredictable and extremely chaotic.

If you desperately want the iPhone 6, you’d be wise to order the second it goes on sale. iPhones almost always sell out and shipping times often get pushed back several weeks as Apple works to improve its supply chain. While things have improved, sites usually have trouble handling traffic on the iPhone pre-order or release day so be sure to have everything set ahead of time.

If you don’t need the iPhone 6 the second it comes out, be prepared to wait.

Circle September

A new Apple A8 processor could help iPhone 6 battery life.

A new Apple A8 processor could help iPhone 6 battery life.

Start preparing as though the iPhone 6 will arrive in September. iPhone 6 release date rumors virtually all point to at least one release in September with the 5.5-inch model rumored for arrival ahead of the holidays or in 2015. We don’t have a specific date to offer though September 19th has been rumored as has September 25th.

Apple typically releases its iPhones on Friday in a number of locations including Apple Stores and retailers across the country. If it’s hard to find online it’ll be hard to find in stores as well.

Nothing is confirmed but we’d be shocked if Apple didn’t launch in September, ahead of Black Friday and the holidays, giving it ample time to secure its supply lines before the end of the year.



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