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How To Quit Frozen iPhone Apps



The iPod Touch and iPhone are good at closing apps that misbehave, but if your iPhone locks up on a misbehaving app, you don’t have to restart to fix the problem.

Frozen apps are a pain, especially if you can’t double tap the home button to pull up recently used apps and quit them.

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Instead of restarting your iPod touch or iPhone, you can force quit frozen apps in a few seconds and get back to your music.


How to Force Quit Frozen Apps

If your iPhone is frozen, these step will quit the offending app.

1. Hold the Power button like you were turning off the iPhone.

Slide to Power Off

2. “When Slide to Power Off” appears, hold the home button.

3. Within a few seconds the iPhone will go back to your home screen.

This will close the frozen iPhone app.

If the iPhone or iPod Touch freezes again when the app is opened, users should perform a full restart and check for updates.

iPhone and iPod Touch apps will often crash instead of lock up, so you won’t need this trick very often, but it is handy sequence to remember if you need to quickly re-open a frozen app.

Restarting the iPhone or iPod Touch will work, but for users who are taking notes, trying to switch to the camera for a quick snapshot or recording a lecture.




  1. Marion Freeman

    11/16/2012 at 6:52 am

    all of my apps are frozen, labelled “waiting…” beneath the app icon. Advice?

  2. Steve Waters

    03/27/2013 at 2:27 pm

    Many thanks. Worked a treat on Music on my iPhone4

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