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How To Remove an App From the iPhone Notification Center



The iPhone notification center is a great way to stay on top of notifications, but with app after app asking for access it can easily get cluttered.

Removing an app from the iPhone notification center is easy to do, and you don’t need to uninstall the app to stop the notifications.

Luckily with a few housekeeping tips you can keep your notification center relevant and uncluttered.

While cleaning up the Notification Center, you can also prevent notifications from showing on the lock screen and wasting battery life.

How To Remove an App From the Notification Center

First, tap on the iPhone Settings icon.

Once there tap on the Notifications tab. As shown in the following screenshot there are several options that await you.

Remove app from notification center iPhone

The first is the choice to sort apps manually or by time. To sort them manually it means that you can organize which app’s notifications you want to display first, second and so on. To change the order tap on edit and on the far right of an app is the slider where you can tap and drag your apps to the preferred order. If you sort your apps by time, the notifications are displayed as they are received.

Remove app from notification center iPhone.jpeg 3

Next there are two separate lists, one shows the apps that are in notification center and another that lists the apps that are not.

This is where you can start to do some cleanup.

Tap on an app and you will see several different options.

Remove app from notification center iPhone

The very first option you have with an app is whether you want to include it in notification center or not. By default most apps display in notification center. Personally, I do not like having 50 apps and their notifications showing up in my view every time I pull down the screen. I try to keep my notifications to about 20 apps and only allow important apps to have access.

Another thing is how many items each app is able to show. Limit this so your notifications manageable are. Alert style lets your choose what type of notification you would like to receive for an app. The Banner style drops down from the top, while the Alert interrupts whatever you are doing on the iPhone.

Next, allowing Badge App Icon is the little 1 and 2 that show up on apps such as Mail or Twitter. Sounds are noises that apps make to alert you.

Remove app from notification center iPhone

The View in Lock Screen option shows your recent notifications on your lock screen.

Using these tips can help you keep your iPhone’s Notification Center under control, and most of all keep the usefulness and simplicity Apple intended with iOS 5.



  1. melindaAvery

    06/30/2012 at 10:27 pm

    I accedital got on AppCenter and I have been for mouths trying to get it off and my Husband said that facebook put the App Center on and i tried to tell him that i hit the x at the top to get out of it and i got on this App Center and it wont let me remover this App Center So can you please help me get off of it i dont have a iphone orT moble phone

  2. melindaAvery

    06/30/2012 at 10:28 pm

    plesae remover this App Center for me

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