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How to Remove the Prisma Logo on Photos



This weekend the popular photo editing and filter app Prisma was released on Android, which lets users turn photos into beautiful pieces of art inspired by real artists like Picasso. It’s an amazing app with stunning results, and here we’ll quickly explain how to remove the Prisma logo or watermark on photos.

Since being released Prisma has been extremely popular. Jumping to the top of the App Store in terms of downloads, and has so many users that their servers can’t keep up with the demand. Prisma is essentially Instagram filters on steroids, using artificial intelligence to turn photos into art.

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Now that Prisma is on both Android and iOS, millions of users are enjoying the more than 33 fancy filters to transform their photos into much more. However, that watermark on the bottom of each photo ruins the experience, but thankfully it can quickly be turned off in settings. Lets get started.


For those that don’t know, Prisma isn’t just a filter app. Instead is uses tons of computing power and artificial intelligence along with advanced neural networks to completely re-draw a photo to look like famous artwork. From Picasso to Monk and even patterns, like Mondrian.

Rather than just apply a filter on the phone instantly like Instagram and others, the app actually sends the photo to the company servers, re-draws it, and sends the user back the results. It takes a few seconds longer than other similar apps, but the results are well worth the wait.

After making my first few beautiful pieces of art using Prisma I was sad to see a watermark on the bottom corner, and was expecting some sort of in-app purchase to remove their logo, but that isn’t the case. Instead users just need to follow the simple instructions below to remove the Prisma logo.


Prisma is free, and removing the watermark from photos doesn’t cost any money either. Instead we just need to navigate to settings and turn it off.

Start by opening the Prisma app on your Android or iOS phone and tablet. The main screen has some camera controls, a button to take a photo or find images from your phone gallery. On the middle right side is a gear-shapped “settings” button, and you need to tap this as shown below.


  1. Open Prisma
  2. Navigate to “Settings”
  3. Uncheck “Add Watermark”
  4. Hit back, create some art, and share it with the world

It’s that easy, no cropping required. Right in settings the company has an option to completely turn off the Prisma logo or watermark, leaving our photos to do all the talking on their own. It’s worth noting that the settings menu also has an option to save original photos for when the app itself is used to take a picture, or automatically save artwork rather than only sharing it to a social network like Facebook or Instagram.

Once you’ve turned off the watermark or logo it will no longer be shown in the preview while adding filters, and users can now share the finished product on social networks without the logo in the bottom corner. That said, if you love the app and want others to be able to try it, consider leaving the watermark so others know where it came from and can enjoy the same experience.

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