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How to Return a Gift That Was Ordered from Amazon



More likely than not, most of the gifts you received this year for Christmas were probably ordered from Furthermore, you usually receive at least one gift that needs to be returned, whether it’s the wrong size or you received duplicate gifts from different people. However, returning a gift to Amazon is a little different than simply returning it to a brick-and-mortar store.

Then again, the process is just as painless, and Amazon allows you to return something without you having to be the one that ordered it in the first place. We’ll show you how to return a gift to Amazon, and prove that the process isn’t as painful as you might have thought at first.


Get the Order Number

You’ll first want to go to the right web page dealing with Amazon returns. Specifically, you want to head to Amazon’s Online Returns Center and click on Return a gift.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 13.39.11

You’ll then be asked for the order number. If your gift giver didn’t include the packing slip with your gift, then you’ll need to ask them for the order number. If you think that returning the gift will offend them and would rather not ask for the number, then you’ll need to contact Amazon directly where they’ll ask you the name of the person who gifted you the item, as well as their email address, phone number and a description of the item in order to locate the order number.

Once you have the 17-digit order number, enter it into the text box and click Continue when finished.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 13.39.37

A list of items included in the order will appear, and you’ll simply select the items you want to return, as well as entering in the quantity if you received multiple units. Next, select a reason for the return from the drop-down menu provided and click Continue when you’re done.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 14.48.34

The next page has you selecting the type of refund, but since this was a gift and you’re not the person who ordered the item, you can only receive a standard refund. Click Continue.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 14.49.47

Pack It Up and Ship It Out

The next page is where you will select your preferred return shipping method. Unfortunately, if the return is not the result of an error by Amazon, return shipping costs will be deducted from the refund, so you won’t get all of the costs back. Once you selected a shipping method, click Continue.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 14.51.58

On the next page, click on Print all return labels. Make sure to print out the return shipping label, as well as the return authorization slip that’s provided on the next page. Put the slip inside of the package and stick the shipping label on the outside of the box.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 14.54.42

When Amazon receives your return, it will process your refund as an Amazon Gift Card, and unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for exchanges or instant refunds in other payment methods.



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  2. Leah Gunderson

    02/19/2017 at 11:37 am

    Unfortunatly most gifts come with a gift receipt note with a scan bar and no order #
    When I scan it on the app to return it takes me to something completely different. When I try online, there is no order number
    Very frustrating

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