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How to Save Money on Your Verizon Bill



Smartphones are fast becoming the default type of phone for consumers. While they are great for a lot of things, the cost that is associated with them definitely is not.

While the cost of owning a smartphone is starting to get rolled into a normal wireless plan cost, those who have not changed their plan recently may be paying too much. With money being tight for a lot of families, finding a way to save some money on their wireless bill is an important topic.

How to Save Money on a Cellphone Bill.

Cut Back.

One of the best ways to save money right off the bat is to analyze how much either you personally, or your family, uses in terms of minutes, text messages and data consumption. A lot of users pay for unlimited talk or text when they actually could be saving money by paying for a lower tiered option.

On Verizon, they offer tiers of voice minutes that range from 700 minutes up to Unlimited. Depending on how many voice minutes are used per month this can be adjusted accordingly to hopefully save consumers some money.

Another area that can be adjusted is the amount of text messages that users have on their plan. While many may feel that they need an unlimited amount of text messages, the actual number that they send on a monthly basis may surprise them. With iMessage many users send a lot less text messages now, therefore the need for an unlimited plan is not as necessary. Depending on the user’s plan they may or may not be able to adjust their text message allowance. But if possible, it’s a good way to save.

One last area to save money concerns data. Consumers should look into how much data their devices use on a monthly basis and cut back accordingly. Some users may still be holding onto a Unlimited data plan, but in actuality it may not be worth paying for. With the unlimited plan users have to pay extra to use features such as Personal Hotspot.

Change your Plan.

With a Share Everything plan, each device uses data out of a single bucket and is more financially efficient than paying for unlimited data access on every device in most situations. Another advantage of Share Everything is that voice and text messages are unlimited and also features such as personal hotspot are included.

If using a lot of data is a concern there are several tiers of data to choose from, and by connecting to WiFi users can decrease the amount of data they use considerably. Another good tip to reduce the amount of data is to disable automatic downloads over cellular connections.

Another thing to consider is that if you are currently paying individually for wireless service, it is actually cheaper to go in with a few friends and divide the bill.

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Apply Discounts.

Unknown to most people there are a lot of discounts that can be applied to your monthly cell phone bill. These discounts range from being a Veteran, to Employer discounts and many others. The best way to find out if you qualify for any discounts is simply to ask your local Verizon representative.



  1. Anthony

    02/09/2013 at 4:23 pm

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