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How to Send a Free Personalized Call or Video from Santa



With Christmas just around the corner, it’s just about time to remind kids, and certain adults, that Santa is almost here.

What better way to keep your kids on good behavior than a personalized phone call from Santa?

The only thing I could think of that would beat Santa calling up your child by name is a personalized video from Santa that you can share on your computer, phone or tablet.

In just a few minutes, you can create personalized phone calls and videos from Santa for all the special people in your life. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to send phone calls late at night, and you can only send calls to a number so many times.

Personally, I like the personalized Santa video best. The version you create is private, and only viewable by users with the link, but you can see a copy of it below.

The free personalized call from Santa includes many name choices to ensure a fun and personalized call.

How to Send a Free Personalized Call or Video from Santa

Send a Free Personalized Call or Video from Santa

You also tell Santa all about yourself and the recipient, answering questions like.

  • Name and Gender
  • Recipient Name and Gender
  • Relationship
  • What the recipient is
  • Where he lives
  • What he wants for Christmas
  • His favorite style
  • Favorite foods
  • Holiday of choice
  • Nickname for Santa to use
  • A funny activity for Santa to do

The setup process takes about 3 minutes, and is easy enough for any one to do. You get to preview the call or video before you send it, so you can make sure everything looks right. You can send a video, and then also send a phone call, so you make sure the recipient gets the call. If you are setting up a call to someone in another house, get an adult in on the call before you start.

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