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How to Send a Valentine’s Day Card from the iPhone



A new iPhone app makes it possible to send a real Valentine’s Day card from the iPhone, through the mail and into the hands of your Valentine.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner many people are beginning to think of what they will be getting for their special someone. While chocolate and jewelry are always great options one of the simplest yet most traditional items is a Valentine’s Day card.

One of the biggest problems with sending a Valentine’s Day card is finding the time to go pick one up. The Cleverbug app can help people out, by creating custom cards right from their iPhone. The cards that are created can then be sent to family, friends or their significant other. This is not an e-card or one that’s posted to a Facebook wall, but one with a stamp, just like you used to send.

Here’s how to send a Valentines day card from the iPhone.

First, go to the App store and download the Cleverbug app. Once the app is downloaded open Cleverbug.

Open Cleverbug

The Cleverbug app connects thorough a Facebook account to pull birthday information and photos of your friends. Tap Connect to Facebook.

Connect Facebook

Tap the Globe icon to change where statuses from the app will be viewed. Once the settings are changed to the user’s preference tap Log In.

Facebook Permissions

When the app loads the birthday’s of your Facebook friends will appear on the main screen like below. Search for the friend that you would like to create a card for in the Search box.

Home screen

In the search results tap the contact that will be receiving a Valentines day card.

Select Friend

The next screen will have a list of card types for Valentines day choose Valentines along the bottom row.

Select Valentines Category

Find a theme that suits you and select it and tap Edit.

Choose Card Type

The text on each page of the card can be changed, along with pictures. Pictures can be taken from your personal facebook page or also the account you are making a card for. Tap the pencil icon to the right of the text that needs changed and tap done when finished.

Finish text editing

Tap Continue.

Next Page

When finished changing the card tap Mail Card!

Mail Card

The user can choose to send the card directly to the recipient or to their home address so that they can give it to the person.

Mail To adresss

Enter the address of the person that will be receiving the card.

Enter Address

Tap Continue.

Send to address

Tap Confirm if the adress that was entered is correct.

Confirm Address

Choose the payment type and enter when the card will be delivered. For a Valentines day card to be made and delivered in time it needs to be ordered by the end of the day on February 8th. When the date info has all been entered tap Done.


After all of the payment information has been entered tap Go.

Confirm Payment

The next screen will ask users if they wish to share a sneak preview with friends on Facebook.

Share to Facebook

After Choosing one of the two options at the bottom, tap Send Another Card to finish the process.

Send Another Card

With a little work user’s can create custom cards for their significant other or family and have it delivered in an extremely convenient fashion, and it’s cheaper than going to the store and buying a standard Valentine’s Day card.


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