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How to Send Group Direct Messages in Twitter on the iPhone



For a while, we all gladly paid AT&T, Verizon and other large carriers a flat fee to send a text messages. At the end of the month mobile phone owners who loved messaging would get reasonable bills thanks to their decision to purchase an unlimited messaging plan. The not so wise mobile phone owners would get sometimes monstrous bills loaded with messaging charges because they didn’t have a mobile messaging plan and chose to pay the flat right. That all changed because of Apple’s iPhone and it’s set to change again now that users can send group direct messages in Twitter on the iPhone with no hassle.

The iPhone changed messaging forever because it made it easier for users to supplement their messaging plans with other apps. Slowly, those apps – like Twitter, have become the primary way we use to send short messages without incurring a fee. In recent years, carriers have tried to shore up their monopoly on messaging by making unlimited texting the standard, but as this week’s update to Twitter for iPhone proves it’s way too late.

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As of right now, Twitter for iPhone allows users to send multiple messages to their friends, all for free and all without signing up for a new service. Here’s how to send group direct message in Twitter on the iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone by pressing your finger down on the Touch ID finger print reader or by putting swiping from the left-bottom edge to the right if there’s no passcode. If there is a passcode, you’ll need to enter it now.

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Look for your Twitter app on your home screen. In case you’re new to Twitter, you’ll need to download it from the iTunes App Store here. The Twitter app in our example is the blue bird sitting in the Social folder.

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If you’re a Twitter user already then you should automatically be signed in and see your Timeline. If you aren’t you’ll need to create an account and sign in with that account. You’ll also need to take some time and get the Twitter handles of the friends and family you wish to message with directly. Twitter accounts are completely free and there are apps available for Android and Windows Phone too.

Don’t tap on the name of any individual users you see in your timeline, instead tap on the quill icon sitting in the top-right corner of your screen.

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Welcome to the Messages area. From here you can see all the Direct Messages you’ve ever been sent. All of them are divided into the conversations you’ve had with specific people sort by the order in which the last message was sent. In short, newer conversations sit at the top and older conversations sit at the bottom. Tap the new Message icon in the top-right corner of your screen to compose a new message.

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Now start typing the names of the people you’d like to group message. You can also tap their names in the list to add more people if you don’t know their twitter handle or their name. Green check marks will appear besides the names you’ve successfully selected.

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Compose your message and you’re good to go.

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That’s it, that’s all you need to do. To be clear, Twitter is an internet social network and app. Because of that you’re going to need an internet connection before you’re able to send group messages through Twitter on iPhone or any version of Twitter for that matter. You should also note that like mail, once you’ve sent a message it’s out there for everyone in the group to see. Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want shared with everyone else outside of that group in a screen shot. Unfortunately, you can’t send group messages on Twitter directly to a phone number. As such, users will need an account on Twitter.

Android users should start getting the update that allows them to send group messages directly to friends and family in the coming days. Presumably, the feature will roll out to Windows Phone too, but when remains unclear. Typically, Twitter for Windows Phone isn’t updated as often as the iPhone and Android versions.

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