How to Send an iMessage as a Text Message

iMessage is a handy way to send free text and picture messages to other iPhone and iPad users, but occasionally the iPhone can’t send an iMessage.

When the iMessage fails to send or gets stuck due to poor coverage it is possible to force the iMessage to Send as Text Message.

This works great for areas of low signal strength, sporting arenas with a lot of signal congestion or other areas where iMessages just won’t send.

Here’s how to force iMessage to send a single message as a text message and how to set up the iPhone to automatically send a message as a text if the iMessage fails.

How to send iMessage as a Text

If there is a message that is refusing to send tap and hold on the message.

Send as Txt

Once the options appear above tap Send as Text Message.

How to Enable Send as a Text Automatically

If iMessages not sending on the iPhone is a common problem it can be enabled that they automatically send as a txt when they refuse to send.

Tap Settings.


Scroll down and Select Messages.

MessagesTurn Send as SMS to ON.

Send as SMS

This way all of the iMessages that are unable to send will automatically send as a text.

Keeping this feature enabled is great for whenever iMessage goes down so that the messages will go through no matter what.

Our Editor Josh Smith used this feature to communicate with friends and family during a recent storm that brought the cell phone networks in Ohio to a crawl.