How to Set Custom Reply Messages on the iPhone in IOS 6
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How to Set Custom Reply Messages on the iPhone in IOS 6



With the iPhone running on iOS 6, one of the popular new features is the ability to send a text message to someone calling you at a bad time. This is great to reply to contacts during a meeting, special event or if the user simply just doesn’t feel like talking on the phone.

There are three preset responses that a user can choose from, but for some these are not good enough. With a few simple steps these responses can be configured so that they are more personable and applicable to the individual.

How to Set Custom Reply Messages.

Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

Scroll down and select Phone.


Select Reply with Message.

Reply Messages

On the next screen the user is able to fine tune the responses that are already set as default.

Defaul Text Responses

All of the responses start with “Can’t talk right now…” and are then followed by the text in the boxes above. To change these responses tap in the area of a response that you would like changed and enter in new text. Even after the responses are changed they will still start with “Can’t talk right now…” just as a reminder.


Replace the responses with things that you would commonly message a person who called you. So for example I’ll call you later, Will be there soon, or I’m in class please txt me are all good responses. If you have an extra space a funny response can be made for friends or family.

When finished entering your responses tap Phone in the top left to exit the screen.

How to use Custom Reply Messages.

When a contact calls, the calling screen appears like so:

Slide Up

The the right of the answer button slide Up to show the Reply menu.

Reply with Message

Tap Reply with Message.

Reply Responses

On the next screen, the messages that you previously set are available to use on the lock screen. Simply tap one of the options to send a message, or select Custom to compose a different message.

When the contact gets the message you chose it will appear on their phone like so.

Sent message

Another feature that can help the user remember to call someone back is the Remind Me Later option.

How to use Remind Me Later.

When a contact calls swipe Up to the right of the Answer option and tap Remind Me Later.

Remind Me Later

On the next screen are the options for when the reminder will ring.

Set Reminder

By default the options are In 1 hour, or When I leave. If the use has their home and work address stored into their contact the options may also exist to alert them when they leave work or their home.

Tap Ok

If the screen like above shows up tap OK. This will allow the reminders app to tell when you leave the current location, if the reminder is set to go off by location.



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