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How to Set iPhone Custom Vibrate Alerts for Contacts



With iOS 6 many users know that they create custom ringtones. But one feature that some may not know about are custom vibrations. Custom vibrations replace the standard vibration when a user receives a phone call with a custom vibration pattern that you can set up and customize.

This feature can help users differentiate when it’s important to take a call, or if the person calling can be replied to later.

Custom Vibrations can be set on an individual basis or the same custom vibration can be used for multiple contacts.

How to Set Custom Vibrations

Tap Contacts.

Tap Contacts

Select the contact that you would like to set a Custom Vibration for.

Select ContactTap Edit in the top left.

Tap Edit

Scroll down and tap Vibration.

Tap Vibration

Scroll down and select Create New Vibration.

Create Custom

To record a new custom vibration tap the screen in a pattern that you would like to have play when that individual, or group of people, calls.

Tap new tone

After tapping a new pattern, the user can press Play to sample the pattern.

Play or SaveIf the user is unsatisfied with the pattern that they created they can select Record to re-do it.

Once the user has created a new tone that they are happy with select Save in the top right.


Enter a name for the new pattern and select Save.

New Tone

The new tone should appear under the Custom tab and have a check mark next to it like the image above.

New Tone in Contact File

The vibration will also appear in the contact file that the user originally chose. Once these custom vibrate alerts are created they can be used for multiple contacts which is nice for work contacts or close friends. To apply them just select a contact that has the vibration still set as default and choose the newly created pattern.

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