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How to Set Up iMessage on iPhone and iPad



iMessage has changed the way that many people communicate with their family and friends on a daily basis. With iMessage being available on any device, it makes it even more convenient to use.

Since iMessage is synced with a user’s iCloud account, the messages that are sent to any device can be replied to and viewed on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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In a few easy steps iMessage can be set up on both the iPhone and iPad. Follow these setup instructions below to start syncing your iMessages across all of your devices.

Although it doesn’t necessarily matter which device you set up first, if you have both an iPhone and iPad it is easiest to setup the iPhone first.

How to set up iMessages for the iPhone.

Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

Scroll down and select Messages.

Tap Messages

Move the slider that is to the right of iMessage to the ON position.

Slide iMessage ON

iMessage will then begin activating with iCloud.

Waiting Activation

Once iMessage has activated scroll down and select Send and Receive.

Send & Receive

On the next screen user will see their phone number and also the email address that they use with their Apple ID.

Receive Addresses

By default the user will be reached both by their phone number and email address with new iMessages. Also, new conversations will be started from a users phone number and this can be changed to the email address if the user wishes.

How to set up iMessage for the iPad.

Tap Settings.

iPad Settings

Scroll down and select Messages.


Move the slider next to iMessage to the ON position.

iMessages ON

iMessage will then begin to activate with iCloud.

Waiting Activation

When iMessage is finished activating, scroll down and select Send and Receive.

Send and Receive

With Send and Receive selected the user will see their phone number and email address used with their Apple ID on the next page.

Receive Addresses

As long as the email address and phone number are checked in the same order as they are on the iPhone, the user has correctly set up iMessage on the iPad.



  1. Mohd Aktar

    02/05/2013 at 5:48 am

    Hey troy, by following this step i have Set Up iMessage to my iPhone, Thanks for helping dude…!

  2. Mary

    10/13/2013 at 2:38 pm

    How do I know if it is properly set up?

  3. rich

    10/31/2013 at 2:01 pm

    I don’t have iMessage in my settings, where can I get it?

  4. carol

    06/25/2015 at 6:26 am

    I did the steps but the error message still comes up that the iMessage isn’t set up – at one point I got a message that the server was not available (?)

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