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How to Set Up Multiple Reminders Lists on iPhone



The iPhone is a great companion for many tasks, but one area that has not previously been up to par is using it for reminders. Luckily the Reminders app helps keep users up to date with to do lists, and other miscellaneous reminders.

There are a lot of apps in the app store that offer a solution for to do lists but none work as well as the list function in the reminders app. Within the Reminders app multiple lists can be setup to keep track of personal tasks, business to do lists and any other form of list.

The post below will demonstrate how to both use the Reminders app on the iPhone and also create multiple lists.

How to use Reminders and Setup Lists.

The reminders app has been a part of iOS ever since the update to iOS 5, so as long as the iPhone is updated to iOS 5 or above you can take advantage of it.

Tap Reminders.

Tap Reminders

Tap the Upper Left Corner to show all of the current reminders lists.

Tap Upper Left Corner

Tap Create New List. If the user has an email account added to the device that supports reminders, it may appear like below in addition to the default iCloud account.

Create New List

Name the list and select Done.

Name List

Once the list is created select it.

Tap New List

In the new list tap Add in the upper right corner to add tasks to the list.

Tap Add

After a few to do items have been added to the list tap the the Right of the item to Add details.

Add Reminder Details

The most common reminder method is on a date and time. Select Remind Me On a Day and turn the slider to ON.

Remind on a Day

A box will then pop up so the user can then set the date and time for the reminder to occur. There is also the option for the reminder to occur more than once by tapping Repeat. When the time and repeat are both set, tap Done.

Time and Date

There are also additional details that can be assigned to a reminder. To add these, tap Show More.

Show More

Under the show more area, the priority of the reminder and the list in which it appears both can be modified and notes can be added.

Extra Details

Tap Priority.

Priority Level

By default the Priority is set to None, but the user can choose Low, Medium or High, and when finished select Done.

Another way that the app reminds the user is by location. By using the GPS in the iPhone the reminders app can send an alert to a user when they leave or arrive at a location.

To enable this, tap Remind Me At a Location and turn the slider to ON.

Tap Location

The user then should tap whether they want the location reminder to go off when they leave or arrive at the location.

Next select the Location box that is above When I Leave.

Select Location

By default the current location will be selected and a home address may appear as a choice. Under both of these options the user can type in a custom address. Once the location is entered or selected tap Details to go back to the previous screen.

One last cool trick that the reminders app can do is add items to the list from Siri.

Siri Example

To add items to the list that you created from Siri, Say “Add (insert reminder) to (the list name)”

This will create the reminder in the correct list, if you do not specify which list to put the reminder in it will be placed in the default iCloud reminders list.

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1 Comment

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