How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your New iPad
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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your New iPad



Your new family iPad is now being passed around the house from family member to family member. Everyone is having fun playing games, sending emails, talking to the grand parents on FaceTime and many of the other activities you can enjoy on an iPad. But, wait a minute. Junior is downloading Apps like crazy and you can just feel the credit card bill accruing charges. Don’t worry. There’s a way to set things up on your iPad so you won’t have to worry about that happening via iOS 7’s Parental Controls.

iOS 7’s Parental Controls allow you to restrict how your child can use your iPad. You can set up age restrictions for App downloading or turn them off completely.  You can disable features in the Safari browser to keep your child from going to websites you may not think they are ready to view. Essentially you set up a 4 digit code that is required to remove Parental Controls. Make sure you use a code that your child can’t guess or doesn’t know.

To set the code tap the Settings app and choose General.


Then choose Restrictions in the right panel. At the top of the next screen choose Enable Restrictions. Here is where you set the four digit code. You will be asked to enter it twice to make sure you got it right.


At this point you can choose to allow or disallow the Apps you see listed. You can also scroll down to ratings for the country you’re in as well as which type of rating you want to allow for iTunes content. You can even restrict Explicit Language for Siri.

Scroll down further and under the Privacy heading you can choose to allow or disallow changes to a variety of features and functions from Location settings to Facebook or Twitter.


In the next section you can choose to allow or disallow changes to be made to Accounts, Cellular Data Use, Background App Refresh and the Volume Limit. Under Game Center you can choose to allow or disallow Multi-player Games or Add Friends.

Your judgment is what’s important here as to what restrictions you set for your children or your family. You can certainly obtain some peace of mind by restricting purchases, but restricting access to freely available content can also be important.

Enjoy your iPad with your family.

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1 Comment

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    12/24/2013 at 1:58 pm

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