How to Set Up Your New iPad
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How to Set Up Your New iPad



Welcome to the world of the iPad. Whether you have a new iPad Air, or an iPad mini with Retina Display, or any other model you now have a tablet that can provide endless hours of relaxation and opportunities to create your own content. This is the tablet that all others have followed. In this article we’ll show you how to set up your new iPad and get things going so you can enjoy your new iPad to the fullest on a fun filled mobile tech journey. How you begin that journey depends on whether this is your first iPad or you’ve been an iPad owner before.


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  1. If you’re a new iPad owner we’ll start here. After unboxing your new iPad, you first need to turn it on. You do so by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of the device. In case you’re wondering which is the top and the bottom of the device, you will see a Home button on the bezel of the device. It’s round and has a rounded edge rectangle pictured in it. We’ll call that the bottom of the device.
  2. Once your iPad is powered up you’ll be presented with a screen that says Slide to set up on the bottom of the screen. Let your fingers do the sliding.
  3. The next screen asks you to choose your  Language. Do so.
  4. Next, you’ll Choose your Country. 
  5. If your WiFi network is up and running, choose your WiFi network at the next menu. We’ll get to cellular setup in a minute.
  6. Type in your WiFi password if you have one.
  7. The next screen offers you the opportunity to enable Location Services. To take advantage of many of the iPad’s advanced features you’ll need to enable these Location Services. You can always turn them off later if you’d like.
  8. Again, we’re assuming this is your first iPad and you’re starting from scratch. So, on the next screen choose Set up as new iPad. If you’ve had a previous iPad or an iPhone and want to set up your new iPad from a backup of one of those devices, choose the option that fits your scenario. You can either restore from a backup on your computer or restore from a backup on iCloud. The choice is yours.
  9. New users will need to Create an Apple ID or sign in with an existing Apple ID. Previous users can sign in with their previous Apple ID. To create a new Apple ID, you can use an existing email address for your Apple ID or create a new one. Assign or enter a password here and you’re set once you’ve made your choice.
  10. Next you can read the Terms and Conditions of owning an iOS device. Read if you like but you need to accept them if you want to use your device. There’s no negotiating here.
  11. The next decision for new users is to choose if  you’d like to use Apple’s iCloud service to backup and sync your contacts, calendars and other data. Saying yes here gives you access to 5GB of free iCloud storage and will allow your iPad to back up your data each night, provided you’re plugged into AC power and have WiFi turned on. Most choose yes here. You can also choose to backup your data to a computer if you’d like.
  12. The next choice for new users can save you if you ever misplace your iPad. Choose to enable Find My iPad if you’d like this protection. If your iPad is ever lost or stolen you can track it from another iOS device by signing into the Find My iPhone app or by going online to Enabling Find My iPad also helps prevent thieves from being able to wipe out your data without knowing your iCloud password.
  13. The screen you’ll be offered is to choose the phone numbers and emails you’d like to use for iMessage and/or FaceTime. Tap on the choices to select or deselect them.
  14. Next you’ll set up a Passcode. When prompted, set a 4 digit passcode for security purposes. You can choose not to do this, but Apple recommends you do so. This will be the security code you use to log into your new iPad.
  15. Turning on Siri is your next choice. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant that allows you to use your voice to enter various commands to your iPad.
  16. Apple will then ask if you’d like to collect diagnostics from your iPad and send those diagnostics to Apple in order to better improve iOS and their products. Make your choice.

Connecting to Cellular Service

  1. HT4157--cellular_data_account-005-enIf you have an LTE equipped iPad you can choose to set up your Cellular Service with the provider associated with your new iPad. Each provider is a little different.
  2. First go to Settings and look for Cellular Data. 
  3. This will bring you to the Cellular Data screen. Choose View Account.
  4. On the next screen choose Set Up New Account.
  5. Next you’ll provide a range of personal information and choose your Data Plan.
  6. You’ll next be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. Once you do you’ll see a summary screen. Make sure the info is correct and if so, then choose Submit.
  7. You should see a Congratulations screen that tells you you’re reading to connect via your provider.
  8.  Once you’ve installed Apps you can choose which Apps use Cellular Data and which ones don’t in the Settings/General/Cellular Data screen. You can also choose to turn off Cellular Data completely if you’re going to be using your iPad predominantly on WiFi.

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Setting up iTunes

In order to download music, Apps, iBooks, or other content from Apple you’ll need to set up iTunes.

  1. Go to General and scroll down to iTunes & App Store.
  2. If you don’t have an iTunes account you’ll be prompted to set one up. If you do, enter in your iTunes credentials. This does not have to be your iCloud account info. It can be.
  3. In iTunes & App Store you can choose to have Music, Apps, Books or Updates automatically download to your device. Some prefer to have Apps automatically update. Some do not. Make your choices.
  4. You can also choose whether or not Apps, Music and other content can be downloaded via a Cellular Connection. Make your choice.

Installing Apps

Now you’re ready to begin Installing Apps. Apple will present you with a screen that shows you what free Apple Apps are available for you to download. These include Garage Band, iPhoto, Pages, Numbers, KeyNote, iBooks and more.


You can also begin taking a tour of the App Store to find Apps to your liking. The world is your oyster here. Here’s a link to Apps that Apple recommends as some of the Best of 2013. Just remember, once you get started it is difficult to stop.

And now, you’re ready to enjoy your new iPad.

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