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How to Share Directions With Google Maps



When it comes to getting driving directions these days, Google Maps is usually just a tap away on our smartphones and tablets. Today one more feature was added to Google Maps that many may be interested in, and that’s sharing driving directions. Whether this is to share with a friend, or to send to someone with a dumb-phone, it’s a welcomed edition.

You’ve always been able to share your own location on Google Maps, or even share a location you’re headed to so friends and family can easily click the link for their own driving directions, but now you can actually send them in easy to read text format. Here’s how to share directions with the new Google Maps version 9.3 that was just released today for Android.

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Today Google released an all-new Google Maps version 9.3 that along with some bug fixes and improvements, added a new feature allowing users to easily share entire driving routes and directions with others. This is a neat feature to send those without a smartphone, or to email to a tablet while on a road trip.


This new feature will allow any user that has driving directions already pulled up on Google Maps to share them to anything they’d like. You can send directions in a text message, email, hangout, or any of the multiple share options readily available on Android smartphones and tablets.

This has a wide array of uses, but most likely the other person has a smartphone and a link to the location will be better than directions, but it’s a nice addition many will want to try out and use with family members.


Simply open Google Maps and enter both a starting point and an end point. This can be your house, or wherever you’re at, and your final destination like a Restaurant. I’m headed to a Pizza joint for dinner tonight, and just shared the driving directions with some friends using this new feature.

Once you’ve set you’re start and end points go ahead and start the directions. Once you see the Google Map with directions shown below, simply tap the 3 dots at the top right, which is for settings, and you’ll get a popup to “share directions” and just select this option.


From here you’ll be able to share the step-by-step instructions and directions to any of the share options on Android. I’ve emailed them, but in a text message they also send in a very easy to read and understand manor. Great for parents, those that are technologically challenged, or for people without a smartphone.

Most likely you’ll still just want to share the actual place you’re headed to, and let them get directions from their own location. That said, this is one of many neat features integrated into Google Maps that makes it one of the best solutions around.

If you don’t have the new Google Maps v9.3 yet you can get it from the Google Play Store, or expect to see the update hit your phone in the next few days. Enjoy.



  1. dror

    07/06/2016 at 1:45 pm

    thanks. I tried sending a route that I’ve edited on PC, which is not the shortest. then, using it on the phone (by foot) the first time I slightly get off the predefined route, it will start showing the shortest path rather than the one I sent. any suggestions?

  2. Lacey

    07/12/2016 at 8:10 am

    My screen does not look like your picture. I don’t see 3 dots. The only Share option that I get sends a link. I need to send the directions in a text message to a dumb phone. This did not work for me.

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