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How to Share a Calendar with the iPhone



Sharing a calendar that is synced with an iPhone can be an extremely helpful tool. Many users have their main iPhone calendar stored on their iPhone or other Apple device, and are unable to share it with friends, family or coworkers.

By using iCloud it can be set up so that events are always viewable for those who need to see them. This is a much better solution than a family trying to use the same Apple ID to keep up to speed on their calendar, or friends letting others login to their account to see what is on their calendar.

How to Share a Calendar with the iPhone.

Go to on a PC or Mac.

Apple ID

Enter your Apple ID and Password.

Select Calendar

Once logged in, click on Calendar.

Select ShareThe calendars that are synced across the users iPhone, iPad and Mac will be displayed like above.

Select the calendar that you would like to share by clicking to the right of the calendar, in the area that appears as a circle.

Share OptionsThe user will then have two options about how to share the calendar. The Public Calendar option allows anyone to have a read only access to the calendar that is being shared. The Private Calendar option only allows those you invite to view or edit the calendar. In most cases the Private option will probably be the most applicable, unless you are creating a calendar for a sports team or are sharing it with coworkers.

Select Private Calendar.

Add contact

Type in the contact you would like to share the calendar with and select OK.

Be sure that the email address of this contact is the one that they use with their Apple ID, or else the calendar share will not work.

This process can be repeated with all of the contacts that you would like to have access to the calendar.

Contact options

Once the contact is added there are a few options that you have pertaining to what they can do with the calendar. By selecting the drop down box the contact can View & Edit the calendar or View only depending on what the user wants. For a team it may be helpful for everyone to be able to edit the calendar, but for sharing a family calendar the view only option may be best so events don’t end up accidentally being changed.

There is also the option to remove the person for any contact that the user no longer wants to share the calendar with.

Share Successful

When the calendar is successfully being shared the circle to the left of the calendar will turn green.

How To Accept Share on the iPhone.

Invitation to Join Calendar

The contact you ask to share the calendar with will have an invite in their calendar app like shown above. The user simply needs to tap Join Calendar to accept the invitation.

Shared calendar

When that is done, the shared calendar will appear under iCloud with the user’s other calendars.

Calendar Notification

A notification will also be sent to the owner of the calendar that the contact has joined, and to dismiss it simply tap OK.



  1. Shane

    04/05/2013 at 7:40 am

    Thanks Troy, helpful tutorial

  2. anon anon

    07/25/2013 at 6:45 pm

    Thanks. Great step by step guide. Got me running on this.

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