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How to Stop Facebook Auto Play Videos on Android



These days Facebook changes a lot of different options and settings on the fly, and this is especially true for its mobile application on Android and iOS. The guide below will show users how to stop or disable Facebook’s auto playing videos on Android, a feature that we hear complaints on more than almost anything else.

In late 2013 Facebook introduced auto-playing videos to our timelines which many users enjoy, but it’s also a “feature” which can be quite annoying and something many want to disable. Thankfully users have to tap before audio will begin playing, but this is still something you may want to turn off.

Whether it’s for users with low data plans that don’t want to waste precious data with all those videos friends and family posts to Facebook, or to prevent overages from using too much data. Below are the few extremely quick and easy steps Android users need to take to stop Facebook from auto playing videos.


On the backend, these videos load automatically and are ready to play so as you scroll down your timeline they automatically start playing. And while this is nice, especially if you’re at home on WiFi, it also drains your carrier data allotment and can be quite frustrating.

Sadly most of Facebook’s settings or “features” are hidden deep inside the Android app and not extremely to find. However, a few quick taps on the menu button is all you’ll need to do, and this feature can be disabled in under a minute. Here’s how:


The Facebook Android app is ever changing, and while my screenshots may be of the beta version not available to the public the settings are all the same and located in the same place. To stop or disable auto playing videos on Facebook for Android you’ll start by opening the app, then proceeding to follow the screenshots below.

On the main Facebook timeline tap the three lines “menu” button near the top of the page, then scroll about halfway down to Help & Settings and select “App Settings”.


Oddly enough almost all of the important settings are buried here. Ones to turn off those relatively new and obnoxious Facebook noises and sounds, location data in messages, and most importantly, turning off those auto playing videos. Scroll down to Video Auto-Play” and select that. The popup will give you the options you’re looking for.


By default Video Auto-Play is set to on, and thankfully Google has two different options here. My preference is to auto load videos over WiFi only. This saves data, and means that videos will only automatically load while I’m at home or somewhere with a WiFi connection. Then of course you can turn them off completely, which is another good choice for many.

If you choose to turn them off completely, videos won’t appear in your timeline and users will be instructed to tap the video before it loads, or starts playing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.15.42 PM

That’s it and you’re all done. Facebook on your Android smartphone or tablet will no longer auto play videos, based on the setting you choose. It’s worth noting this can also be done on the web, something many don’t know, by essentially going to the same settings menu on the top right.

Now users can rest knowing videos won’t be playing on their Android devices while browsing Facebook, saving your data, and keeping your timeline a little cleaner. If you have any other Facebook questions drop us a comment below.

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