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How to Stop Facebook Notifications for Comment on Top Post



Facebook started a new notification system for groups that alert users when people comment on a top post in a Facebook Group. Even if you limit Facebook notifications to Friends’ Posts, group members will see these new comment notifications on the web and on iPhone or Android. Here’s how to turn off Facebook notifications for comments on a top post in a group.

Facebook groups are a great way to stay on top of local events or connect with other people in your field or hobby. Still, most of us don’t need another Facebook notification for activity that does not directly relate to us.

This new “Name and Name commented on a top post in Group Name. 11 hours ago” notification format is already cluttering up the Notifications.

Control Facebook notifications for a comment on a top post in a group.

Control Facebook notifications for a comment on a top post in a group.

Unfortunately, you will need to turn off Group notifications completely for this to work. You can try a smaller step of telling Facebook you only want to see fewer notifications like this. You’ll need to change these settings on a computer or in the mobile browser as Facebook notification settings are dumbed down in the Facebook app.

Click on the X.

Click on the X.

Click on the Notifications section. Then move your mouse on top of the comment on a top post in a group notification. A small X will show up to the right of the Notification. Click on the X and then click on Show fewer.

Confirm you don't want these Facebook notifications.

Confirm you don’t want these Facebook notifications.

This will turn off Highlights and switch the Facebook group notification settings to Friends’ posts. The odd part about this message is that we’ve received the comment on a top post notification from Groups previously set to no notifications.

At this point, it seems that Facebook is overriding user settings to push more group notifications. Once you tell Facebook to show you fewer notifications from one group, you will need to repeat this with other groups when the notifications appear.

The next step is to go to your Facebook Notification Settings. Here you can see your Facebook Group activity notification settings. This is a fast place to control quickly your Facebook Group notification settings.

Edit your Facebook Group notification settings for more control.

Edit your Facebook Group notification settings for more control.

If you turn them to Off, you should not get any notifications, but we already saw one of the comments on a top post notification on a group that settings shows Notifications as off.

After updating these options again, we are hopeful that Facebook will not send any more notifications about random people commenting on a random post in a group.

For more on making Facebook a better place, check out our Facebook tips and tricks to learn about making your Facebook newsfeed better and other secrets to a happier Facebook experience.

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1 Comment


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