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How to Stop Junk Mail Subscriptions in iOS 10



Here is a guide on how to use iOS 10 to unsubscribe from mailing lists in the stock Mail app.

Throughout our days we are often spending time deleting unwanted mailing list and spam emails. There are plenty of third-party solutions to delete or block these from incoming yet now within iOS 10, Apple has included a way for Mail to sense these types of emails and offer to unsubscribe you.

When we repeatedly get the same emails from some random source and find ourselves wasting time to delete or unsubscribe through their website, this feature is a very welcomed addition to iOS 10.

How to Stop Junk Mail Subscriptions in iOS 10

Here is how Mail unsubscribes you from junk mailing lists within iOS 10.

Watch the above video to learn more about removing junk subscriptions from your Mail app.

Unsubscribing from Junk Mail

The best part about this new iOS 10 feature is that it is included automatically and senses junk mailing list emails. You will notice if you get a particular mailing list frequently spamming your inbox, you will see Mail now identify these and notify you as such.


When you receive a mailing list item, you will notice a small dismissible tab appear above the From field stating “This Message is from a Mailing List.” Just below that, a tappable link to Unsubscribe.

Tapping this will bring up a confirmation dialogue box to double check your decision. Unsubscribing will send the appropriate response back to the sender and you should no longer receive these spam messages any more.


You will still need to delete the message if you do not want it in your inbox yet you now have one less step to perform by navigating to a site to hopefully unsubscribe from these petty mailing lists.

This is a very welcomed feature to those of us that somehow have gotten on what seems like every spam mailing list and can hopefully whittle away at them as they come in now.

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