How To Switch Apps on the iPhone
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How To Switch Apps on the iPhone



Switching apps on the iPhone is an easy way to quickly jump between the last several apps open on the iPhone.

This guide will show users how to switch apps on the Apple iPhone for a better user experience. Apple’s iOS is dead simple to use, though some features of the iPhone aren’t exactly obvious to first time users.

Launching apps on the iPhone is easy, just tap an icon on the home screen and it opens. But going back to the home screen every time you want to with apps is frustrating and slow. There is an easier way, however, and like almost everything else it’s incredibly simple.

To quickly switch apps in iOS you just have to open the multitasking tray by pressing the home button twice quickly. Doing so in iOS 6 will open a tray on the bottom of the iPhone with the icons of the last apps used.


The tray shows the last four apps used, and you can swipe left to see more recently used apps. To switch to any of those apps, just tap on the icon. The current app will slide to the background, replaced by the app you selected.

The multitasking tray also makes it easy to force quit apps that might be causing problems. To force quit an app, simply tap and hold an icon like you’re trying to move it in the home screen. When they start wiggling, tap the icon on the top left of the icon to quit it.

Contrary to what some people believe, force quitting apps will not save battery life. It is helpful, however, to close apps that freeze or crash. Sometimes a simple force quit will solve all the problems with an app.


In iOS 6 you can also access music controls, rotation lock and volume controls in the multitasking tray by swiping to the right.

There is another, arguably easier way to switch apps as well. In iOS 6 Siri can launch apps. Just press and hold the home button and say “open [app name].” For example, the launch Evernote, simply say “open Evernote,” and Siri will open the note taking app for you.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to make apps easy to access is to put you most commonly used apps in the dock or in folders on the homescreen. Again, to rearrange icons just press and hold until they start shaking. Then just drag icons wherever you want them. Drag them on top of another icon to create a folder.

In iOS 7 Apple will change the appearance and some functionality of multitasking, though the basic principles will remain the same. Pressing the home button twice will always launch multitasking, no matter what that looks like.

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