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How to Take a Screen Shot or PRNTSCR on Surface Tablets



One of the frequent questions I get asked from Microsoft Surface Tablet users is how to take a screen capture using a Surface with a Type or Touch Cover. Neither of those two keyboards includes a PRNTSCR key, which is what many are accustomed to using to grab a shot of something on their screen. While the key is not there Microsoft has included a method for you to capture the screen.

To take a shot of your screen press and hold the Windows button at the bottom of your Surface display. Not the Windows key on your keyboard. While holding the Windows button down, press the volume down portion of the volume rocker on the left edge of the Surface Tablet.


This combination will take a screen shot of what’s on your screen. You should see the screen dim slightly when this is occurring.

Perhaps it’s just me but this takes some practice to get just right. But once you get the hang of it, you can take screen shots galore.

Screen shots taken this way can be viewed in the Screenshots album in the Photos App and also in My Pictures.

At one time Microsoft claimed that the key combination of FN + Spacebar would take a screen shot, but this apparently no longer works, if it ever did. Nor does the combination of FN + Spacebar + Alt work to take a screen shot of the App currently in focus.



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    FOR SCREENSHOT YOU CAN DO Fn+Windows key+spacebar

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    Aside from pressing the “Windows” and “Volume” buttons at the same time to take a screenshot on surface, you can also discover more solutions here.

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