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Use Spotlight to Find Apps and Contacts Faster on the iPhone



Spotlight is a nice tool on the iPhone to track down apps, contacts and more without flipping through screen after screen.

Although apps can be organized into folders, and the camera roll sized down there is an even better way to find what you’re looking for on the iPhone. This is Spotlight, a screen that sits to the left of the home screen.

Spotlight search works the same way as it does on a mac; finding files, apps and more with a keyword.

Users can configure Spotlight to find content faster.

How to Configure Spotlight on iPhone

To configure spotlight Tap Settings.


Next Select General.


Tap Spotlight.


Once Spotlight is been selected organization options appear.

Spotlight Settings

The screen shown above is what controls the type of content that appears in Spotlight. By default all the available content is selected, with a check mark beside it.

To make better use of Spotlight, only show the items that matter.

To remove a section from appearing tap on that section so that the check mark to the far left disappears. Go through all the options and remove any that will not be useful for your searching purposes.

Once that is done there is one more tip to improve Spotlight searches. With less content to search through Spotlight will be able to work more quickly, but by changing the order of the results it even further improves efficiency.

Tap the three lines on the far right and hold to move the item up or down. The order that the content is in now is how it will display in Spotlight.

With a few tweaks, Spotlight becomes the best way to find what you want on the iPhone.

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