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How to Transfer iTunes Music to the Galaxy S6



If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to Samsung’s impressive Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, the guide below will explain how to transfer your iTunes music to the new Galaxy S6. Most users have a huge collection of music they want to transfer, and get a bit overwhelmed with the entire idea. There are a few ways to do this, and below we’ll cover a few different options.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are both impressive phones that have many iPhone users making the switch to Android. It features a stunning display and is the best Galaxy smartphone to date, and now that users have it, they’ll need to transfer all of those iTunes songs over to Android.

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First off users will want to read the easy to follow and complete how to switch guide linked to above and compiled by Google, which goes over everything from contacts and pictures, to that entire iTunes music collection. Then, head on past the break for even more details, click & drag instructions, and even some software that will sync everything (including movies and TV shows) for you.

Galaxy S6-itunes

With the latest iPhone 6 release Apple debuted a new tool to help users switch from Android to Apple, and Google did the same with the tool above. It’s a continuous back and forth trying to get consumers to each side, but when it’s all said and done one of the most important things on an iPhone is music.


Owners looking to transfer all their iTunes music to the Galaxy S6 can use a USB cord and do it the old fashion way by clicking and dragging folders, transfer it with a one-click tool or program, or even over WiFi, so lets get started.

Drag & Drop

My preferred method for the most control is simply using the drag and drop method by connecting the Galaxy S6 to a Windows computer or Mac, and manually dragging the entire iTunes Music folder onto the Galaxy S6. Users can choose certain albums, songs, or move the entire folder if the Galaxy S6 has enough storage available.

First you’ll need to find where your iTunes music is stores on your computer, and below are the typical locations.

  • Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\ (username)\ My Documents \My Music \iTunes
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8 – C:\ (username) \My Music \iTunes
  • Mac OS X – /users /username/ Music/ iTunes

Once you’ve found your iTunes music folder you’ll want to open that and have it handy on the desktop, and now simply plug in your Galaxy S6 via USB to your computer. Users may need to pulldown the notification bar on the Galaxy S6 and select USB options to turn on Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). Although this is usually the method of USB it uses when plugged in. If you’re on a Mac you’ll need to quickly install the Android File Transfer program. Once you plug in the Galaxy S6 you’ll see the entire device storage list, and navigate to Music.

Galaxy S6-music

From here all you need to do is simply click on the iTunes Music folder you left on your desktop and drag it into the “Music” folder on your Galaxy S6. It may take a while depending on the size, and speed of your computer or USB port.

Easily click and drag your entire music collection to the Galaxy S6

Easily click and drag your entire music collection to the Galaxy S6

Shown above is an image from my computer where I’m transferring 14GB of music from iTunes right into my Samsung Galaxy S6. This is the easiest method as I can click and drag the entire file, or open the iTunes music folder and select individual songs or albums, if the entire music collection isn’t needed. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have a micro-SD slot, so don’t use all your storage space on music.

Once this finishes you’re all done. Owners can now unplug the Galaxy S6 and enjoy all their iTunes music right on the Galaxy S6. There’s a dedicated music player on the Galaxy S6, Google Music will find all the music on your device, or download a media player from the Google Play Store like DoubleTwist. That app also has a sync and transfer tool, for those who want multiple options or ways to get iTunes music on the Galaxy S6.

iTunes to Android Transfer

Another option for those who’d rather not dig through files and folders looking for the right stuff, is a program called iTunes to Android Transfer. This is a free tool you can download on Windows or MAC, and it simply syncs you entire music collection, playlists, movies and more with the click of a button.


Install iTunes to Android on your PC or Mac, and run it. The software will be opened together with your iTunes library. Then just plug the USB cable to connect your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to the computer. There are two options you can choose: “Sync iTunes to Android” and “Clean Up iTunes Library”.

Click on “Sync iTunes to Android”, you can choose “Entire library” or “Selected playlists” to sync iTunes to your Galaxy S6 phone. Music, Movies, TV Sows, My favorite, POP Music and Top 10 are supported.


Alternatively users can also use this tool to manually click and drag songs or albums as shown above, similar to what we mentioned earlier, just using their interface instead which streamlines the process for you.

It’s worth noting that this tool will also let you transfer contacts, pictures, videos, books and more from your computer to the Galaxy S6.

Google Play Music

Last but not least is by using the Google Play Music Manager. This is another excellent route, as you can use it to move all the music over WiFi to your device, or to the Cloud so you don’t use up all the space on the Galaxy S6. Google Play Music allows users to store 50,000 songs in the cloud, which should be more than enough for just about everyone.

Head to Google Play Music in a web browser on your computer. Tap the three lines at the top left and scroll down to “upload music”. From here you’ll be instructed to download the Google Play Music Manager tool.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.11.12 PM

Once you install the Music Manager and sign into your Gmail account, it will instantly find and start uploading all of your music from iTunes to the cloud. You can select preferences and choose specific songs, or the entire iTunes music library from your computer. This also may take a while, and you’ll want to open Google Play Music on your Galaxy S6 and head into settings. It will block explicit songs in mixes by default, or upload clean versions, so turn that off. There’s also an option to cache music during playback, where the Galaxy S6 will temporarily save songs to the device.

However, if you only transfer music to the Google cloud, you’ll be streaming your iTunes music over the internet with WiFi or your data connection, and you may churn through a 2GB monthly data plan in a matter of days. Google Play Music remains one of the best options around for the interface, options, and 50,000 song storage limit, but you’ll want to make sure you aren’t streaming music 24/7 or it will use up all your data.

It’s worth noting that the steps mentioned above will transfer an entire iTunes music collection to any Android device, not just the Galaxy S6. Do this on your HTC One M9, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more. Now, enjoy all of your music on your Android device of choice.



  1. Lane

    06/01/2015 at 10:05 pm

    FYI. You have to download the Samsung drivers for windows first, otherwise Win just thinks it’s a camera.

    • Dasie

      03/03/2016 at 2:57 am

      TunesGo is one of the best free apps to transfer music between iTunes and Android. It has a lot of features for music transfer and management. You can see more features from here:

  2. carina2015

    06/28/2015 at 11:17 pm

    Coming from the Apple world to android has been a learning curve. But now it won’t. Having much better luck with Samsung Kies or another phone manager program. Fingers crossed that this is the way to go!

  3. Jenna

    08/19/2015 at 7:31 pm

    Sadly doesn’t work with ‘Apple Music’ which is downloaded as part of a subscription program.. disappointing as it looks like it transfers, but doesn’t actually

  4. Denzelle

    08/25/2015 at 11:01 pm

    I found a very simple program that can work with only one click, maybe you can give it a shot?

  5. Andre Montross

    09/09/2015 at 1:29 am

    Convert any movies for iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and more

  6. victor906

    11/19/2015 at 5:32 pm

    good software used to convert DRM media

    you can get one to help you convert itunes media and transfer them to your galaxy s6

  7. hannah fink

    02/02/2016 at 2:52 pm

    you are the BEST PERSON EVER. i was about to spend a ton of money on software to transfer music but your instructions were so perfect and easy to follow and i spent nothing but a couple minutes of my time. thank you so much i now have all my music on my android!

  8. Richard Johnson

    04/08/2016 at 10:50 pm

    TunesGo is NOT free. You can only transfer 10 songs. It cost $40 for a ONE YEAR LICENSE. Total rip off.

  9. simon

    04/13/2016 at 8:55 am

    This is all good but the stock music player on the galaxy s6 and galaxy s6 edge sucks. Your better off using either google music or power amp. There are some other really good ones to that are all free with some paid options. These are some excellent options to get away from the stock option on your phone

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