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How to Transfer Super Mario Run Progress



Super Mario Run, this season’s must-have mobile game from Nintendo, marks a lot of firsts. It’s the first time that we’ve seen anything come out of the partnership Nintendo and developer DeNA forged that’s been an actual game and not a chat app. It’s the first time Mario’s controls and game mechanics have been adapted to any device other than a Nintendo-made piece of hardware. It’s also the first time in recent memory that a hotly anticipated mobile title has launched on devices running iOS and not also been available on Android. That last detail has lots of people looking into how to transfer Super Mario Run progress.

Super Mario Run is both single-player and multiplayer, which is why tracking your progress is so important. Some of its worlds can be maddening to get through, even with the game’s short play time for Tour mode. On top of that, the game’s multiplayer is locked behind Toad Rally Tickets, of which you need to keep a stash to continue playing with other people.


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Here’s how to transfer Super Mario Run progress between your different devices and keep all of that time you’ll need to invest in the game.

How to Transfer Super Mario Run Progress: Before You Begin

Before you can take the steps necessary to transfer Super Mario Run progress between devices, there’s something you have to do first. You have to create a Nintendo Account.

If you’ve already played Super Mario Run, you were asked to link your progress to your Nintendo Account during setup. If you already had an account and did that, than you’ve already done everything you need to for transferring saves and progress. It’s those that decided to skip adding an account that are the problem.


Go to to create your Nintendo Account. If you have a Nintendo Account already and don’t know your password, try recovering it here.

Before continuing, you’ll want to have your Nintendo Account and password ready to enter into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Transfer Super Mario Run Progress: Let’s Get Started

To transfer Super Mario Run progress, you’ll need to enter the Nintendo Account username and password that you use on other games or just created. It’s the only way to move a game save between multiple devices, Nintendo says.

Even if you don’t plan on needing to retrieve your game save in the future, setting this up is a good idea. Nintendo gives you some bonuses for doing so, including the playable Toad character.

Pick up your iPhone or iPad and open Super Mario Run.


Tap on your screen when the game reaches its title screen.


Once you’ve reached your Kingdom, tap on the Link bubble in the top-right corner of your screen. It’s just above the white box with red ribbon that gives you access to the Gift Box.


Tap Link to Nintendo Account. If you’ve already created or recovered your Nintendo Account username and password, enter them now.


If not scroll down.


And tap the Create a Nintendo Account button. Note that you can also link an account to Facebook Google, Twitter and your old Nintendo Network ID.

Go ahead and fill out any information that the site requires of you to create an account. You’ll want to be sure that you enter a valid email address since Nintendo will send a code there to verify that it’s in working order. Don’t let your screen time out and certainly don’t use multitasking to switch to another app, you’ll need to enter the information a second time if you do.


Enter the verification code.


Now the app should automatically redirect you to the next screen.


Tap Use This Account.


Now redeem your Toad character and tap the X at the bottom of your display to go back to your Kingdom.


That’s all there is too it. If you need to reset your iPhone or iPad or plan on getting a new one, your progress should still be saved. On the new device you need only use the same Nintendo Account credentials that you used here.

If you prefer to play on one or the other, your progress should sync too. What you’ve done in the game should also transfer to the Android version, whenever it arrives. Though you should expect to pay the $9.99 charge you might have paid for the iPhone version when it comes to Google’s operating system.

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Good luck with Super Mario Run. Nintendo hasn’t said exactly when the Android version of the game will be ready, but at least with syncing you can rest assured that whatever progress you make on your iPhone or iPad will sync over to Android if you should decide to switch devices.

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1 Comment

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