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How to Turn Off Auto Correct on the iPhone



The iPhone auto correct feature can help prevent annoying typos, but for many users auto correct on the iPhone can create a lot of problems by mangling many words and even creating embarrassing typos. Turning off auto correct on the iPhone takes less than a minute and you can make the change as often as you need.

iPhone auto correct attempts to understand what you actually want to type as you type it. The tool matches with a built-in iPhone dictionary, with your contacts and with replacement words that you teach the iPhone.

In theory the iPhone understands what you want to type and auto correct will fix the words so that what you mean to type is what shows up on screen — instead of typos and random words.

Even with improvements in iOS 9 and newer updates the iPhone auto correct can very often change the meaning of a word and auto correct slang, acronyms, proper names and even swears into laughable alternatives.

To avoid this problem and the frustrations of corrected words that you don’t actually want to type, you can turn auto correct off in the iPhone settings. Use the guide below to disable auto correct so you can send messages exactly as you type them — typos, slang and all.

How to disable Auto Correct on iPhone

This works on the iPhone and on the iPad with iOS 9, iOS 8 and with updates newer updates.

Turn off iPhone auto correct - 2

Tap Settings. 

Scroll down and select General.

Turn off iPhone auto correct - 1


On the next screen, tap Keyboard.

Find Auto-Correction and turn the slider to OFF. 

You’ll also see a Check Spelling option that you can turn off in this menu area. This is a good option to leave on, even if you don’t like auto correct. Check spelling will only show you the misspelled words, not automatically change them. You can tap on a word that is not spelled correctly and get suggestions on what you may have meant to type.

You can also instantly fix common spelling errors and type faster with iPhone keybaord shortcuts. Here is a look at how to set these up and 15 of the best iPhone keyboard shortcuts.

It is also possible to add new iPhone keyboards to the device for different typing options including Swiftkey, Swype and many others.



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  2. Scooterpye

    04/10/2017 at 6:30 am

    Sadly, this fix did not work for me on my iphone7. My phone still insists on correcting me. Unless I disable all the dictionaries, this thing still corrects me. It’s very annoying.

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