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How to Set Up Night Reading Mode for iPhone or iPad Screens



Night reading mode works great on apps for reading books, like the Kindle eBook app. But not all book apps include the feature. A night reading mode turns the screen’s background dark, while providing white or light-colored text. Users will want to do this when reading in a dark room, so that the backlit screen doesn’t annoy others in bed at night. You could also use it while typing in a room where someone is presenting at work with the lights turned down. Using the iPhone Accessibility features, users can turn on a work-around night reading mode of sorts. This changes the entire OS user interface on the iPhone or iPad like the image below. We can set this feature to turn on using the Home button via the iPad’s Settings.

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Steps to Turn On the iOS Version of Night Reading Mode

night reading mode

Use Accessibility Triple-click Home feature to turn on a work-around night reading mode

Open the Settings App on the iPhone or iPad. Open General and scroll down to Accessibility and tap it to open.

accessibility in settings app

Open Accessibility in Settings app under General

Now swipe down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Triple-click Home button. This reveals a screen with options for what the phone can do when a user taps the Home button three times quickly. They include:

  • VoiceOver – reads the screen to people with vision problems
  • Invert Colors – changes colors so that dark colors become light and light colors become dark
  • Zoom – magnifies the screen to make it easier to see
  • AssistiveTouch – helps people with physical challenges that make using the hardware buttons difficult by putting a software Home button on the screen that the user can program for a lot of different functions

triple-click home features

After setting the above feature the user can use their iPad using the normal color scheme. When the user needs to turn on this work-around night reading mode the person will just tap the Home button three times quickly. This engages the mode, making the white backgrounds black and the darker foreground text white or light colors. As a result, other people in the dark room won’t find the bright iPad or iPhone screen annoying.

normal reading mode on iPad mini

Compare this image to the first image above.

Thanks to the folks at OliveTree, the makers of one of the best Bible reading apps, for this tip.



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  2. Larry Bentley

    12/09/2015 at 5:11 pm

    This is the same lame answer everyone gives instead of just saying ” iOS doesn’t have a night reading mode”! I want a reversed black and white display without affecting the normal color pallet and without going monochrome or grayscale. Apple doesn’t allow for this.

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