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How to Turn on PS4 Automatic Updates



If you want your PS4 to be up to date at all times, but are too lazy to download new updates yourself, here’s how to enable automatic updates.

PS4 automatic updates are really convenient, as you won’t have to wait around for an update to install when you fire up your PS4, especially since that’s the last thing you want to do after turning on your PS4. It can be a huge mood killer when you go to fire up a game only to realize that an update needs to install first.

This is where automatic updates can come in really good handy. By enabling automatic updates in the settings and putting your PS4 in standby mode whenever you’re not gaming, updates will automatically download in the background so that you’re not messing with them during crucial gaming time.

However, in order to get automatic updates working, there are a couple things you’ll need to change in the PS4 settings to enable them, but it’s really easy to do and with our help, should only take a couple of minutes at the very most.

Without further ado, here’s how to turn on PS4 automatic updates.

Enabling PS4 Automatic Updates

There are a couple of settings that you’ll want to make sure are enabled in order to get automatic updates working on your PS4.

To start, go to the Settings menu by hitting up on the D-pad on the home screen and then scrolling over to Settings.

From there, scroll down and select Power Save Settings in the list.


Then select Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.


The option that you’ll want to make sure is checked is Stay Connected to the Internet. This will allow your PS4 to connect to the internet while in standby/rest mode.


Next, go back to the main Settings page where you selected Power Save Settings, but instead you’ll select System, which is two down from Power Save Settings.


Select Automatic Downloads and Uploads.


You’ll see several options listed here. The important ones are System Software Update Files, Install Automatically, and Application Update Files.


System Software Update Files refers to system updates from Sony and placing a checkmark next to Install Automatically will have them installed after they’re downloaded, even if your PS4 is in standby/rest mode. Application Update Files refers to games and other applications that you have installed, so if an update comes out for an application, it will automatically download while in standby/rest mode, but can only install with the console on.

The last step is to simply make sure that when you’re done playing games for the evening, you put your PS4 in standby/rest mode. You can do this by pressing and holding down the PS button on your controller and then selecting Enter Standby Mode. The console will essentially turn off, but will keep a few things running in the background in case updates need to be automatically downloaded and installed.

Plus, Standby Mode makes it a lot quicker for the console to power back up when you want to play games again.

Of course, there are other PS4 tips that you should know, including how to transfer screenshots to your computer using a USB flash drive. It’s a quick and easy process that isn’t quite as easy as just sharing to Facebook or Twitter, but it gets the job done.

You can also customize PS4 controls and remap almost any button on the PS4 controller to act as another button. It’s mostly just useful for disabled gamers, but there many be a few other people who could take advantage of something like this for sure.

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