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How to use iPhone Reminders to Get Things Done



Here is a guide on how to stay on track using the iOS Reminders App, better known as iPhone reminders to many. Throughout our day there are many things we need to be reminded. From taking the trash out when we get home, to calling the insurance company and picking up milk from the store — the list never ends.

With the built-in Reminders App, Apple has integrated a great way to make sure you stay on track with all of your upcoming plans and needs. There are multiple ways to create reminders using the app as well as other incorporations within iOS to keep you up to date on your life.

Stay On Track Using Reminders for iOS

Here are some steps to better utilize Reminders to stay current.

Watch the above video for more information regarding Reminders and different ways to use it.

How to Set Reminders with Siri

One of the most common ways I tend to use my Reminders app is to use Siri to quickly add tasks without ever entering the app. This is likely the most convenient way to use Reminders and may be the best example of the app’s integration.


In order to ask Siri to do this, tap and hold your home button to speak. Ask Siri to remind you of whatever it is that you need and specify a time or a place or any other pertinent information. If all goes well, Siri will display your new Reminder and you will have the opportunity to confirm it or make changes if need be.

I often will use this method for reoccurring reminders such as paying certain bills or performing car maintenance. You can tell Siri to “Remind me every 6 weeks” or similar statements and she will understand the proper time you are referring to. She will inform you that you have created a reoccurring reminder

How to Share Reminders With Friends and Family

The Reminders App can also be used in a community setting and rope in multiple invitees to ensure everyone is on the same schedule. At the top of the Reminders app, you will see a Plus icon that can be used to create a new Reminder or a new List.


A new List is able to be named, specified with a color and can now have reminders added to it that will be separate from your default list. Tap Done when these steps are completed. In order to share the calendar now, you must tap Edit again to reveal the Sharing tab.

From Sharing, you will be able to add a person to share with. When you send the invite, they will receive an email or iMessage with a link to add your Shared Reminders List with them. This is a very similar behavior that Calendar and Notes both use to share content so this may be familiar if you have shared with those apps.


Now whenever you or your added individual update the Reminders list, it will update on the other device. This is a great solution for household chores, grocery lists, trip destinations or anything else you might want to collaborate on in a reminders setting.

The Reminders app is a simple application yet has many uses and integrations that can be seen all throughout iOS. I have been able to truly stay on track in my commitments by consistently reminding myself with Siri or manually. Using the Scheduled List will also give you a great headset on any items that are due today and the Reminders widget can also be added to the Lock Screen for even more convenience.

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