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How to Use Maps Extensions in iOS 10



Here is a guide how to use Maps Extensions in iOS 10 to add third party apps to Apple Maps.

For many iOS users, especially commuters, Apple Maps has been a welcomed addition to the operating system despite having its share of issues and updates over the years. There are multiple new changes to Maps in iOS 10 including the new feature Extensions which includes support for third party apps.

The main purpose of these extensions is to give you the ability to do things you would normally do through another app, right within the Maps application. As of right now, the list of apps that support Maps Extensions is growing yet still will help you in some daily tasks.

How to Use Maps Extensions in iOS 10

Here are the steps to start using Maps Extensions in iOS 10.

Watch the video above for a quick guide on Maps Extensions.

How to Use Maps Extensions

When you are using Maps to locate a restaurant, usually you will have information displayed regarding its hours of operation, photos and often a link to more info on Yelp.

Now with extensions, apps like OpenTable and Yelp have support to allow for reservation making right through Maps.

This is a similar behavior as the new Messages features in iOS 10 which allows a full-fledged messaging environment within any app. The Maps experience is changing in order to allow iPhone users the ability to completely plan their day completely within this application.

In order to enable these extensions, you will need to navigate to Settings and then to Maps. There you will see a switch for On for any available apps that you have installed that will function with Extensions.

When open on a location, you will see options appear for your selection if you have an available app installed. For example, if you use Uber (one of the supported apps), you will see an option to get an Uber to your location and have it deliver you to your selection.


There are many more apps that have potential to do great things with Extensions yet we need to wait on developers to release them so keep your eyes peeled for updates to the app store and apps you frequently use.


If your frequent apps are used in any way regarding places of business or travel, it will likely have an update coming to support Maps Extensions in iOS 10.

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