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How to Use Microsoft Office on iPhone



There are a lot of people wondering how to use Microsoft Office on the iPhone and it’s all Microsoft’s fault. Microsoft just keeps breaking down barriers for iPhone users. It wasn’t that long ago that Microsoft launched its own Windows Phone operating system on the back of products like Office. In fact, there were a few commercials calling out Windows Phones as the only smartphones that included a free copy of Microsoft Office. Today, that’s not true at all.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Office for iPhone. Office on iPhone is a complete rethinking of the mobile Office experience. No longer, is Microsoft shackling its mobile productivity suite to its mobile operating system. Whereas Office for iPad was free for anyone to download and required monthly or yearly payments to edit anything, Office for iPhone is completely free to everyone. Office for iPhone is Microsoft’s way of keeping its users and making being an Office user more convenient.

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Just as it’s made Office for iPhone easy to get it’s also made Microsoft Office on iPhone easy to use. Here’s how to use Microsoft Office on the iPhone.

Naturally, before we begin you’ll need the Office for iPhone app. Chances are that you might already have Office Mobile installed on your iPhone. Delete that app. Instead of focusing its efforts on one app, Microsoft did the same thing to Office for iPhone that it did with Office for iPad. There isn’t just one app to download. Instead, Office for iPhone is four separate apps.

You’ll want to download Word for iPhone, Excel for iPhone, PowerPoint for iPhone from the iTunes Store separately. Each will need to be installed. The installation can be a bit long if you’re on a mobile internet connection. As such, make sure you’re on a decent network before you begin the downloads.

Second, and most importantly, you’ll need a Microsoft Account. These are the same accounts that Microsoft creates for users when they setup a Windows 8 PC, Windows Phone, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or just about anything else. You can create a new account for this, but getting documents syncing is easier if you’re using the same Microsoft Account across different devices. For example, the Microsoft Account I’m using for this tutorial is the same one I use on Microsoft Office 2013.

Setting Up Office for iPhone

The moment you open any of the apps, you’ll be greeted by a small tutorial. For the purposes of this how to we’re guiding you through setting up the Word for iPhone app, but the process is the same for each.

Again, the first thing you’ll notice is a tutorial once you open the app. Swipe to the left twice to reveal the sign in screen.

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Now this is where that sign in comes in handy. Sign in with the Microsoft Account you’ve used on other Microsoft Products like Office 2013 and Windows 8. If you don’t have one, create one. You can skip the account sign in, but the experience is better with it. Tap Sign In.

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Put in your Microsoft Account email address. Then Next.

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Now put in your Microsoft Account password. Then Next.

Now choose which setting is right for you. Everyone can use Office for iPhone apps to create and edit documents with no problem. The premium setting in the app is for those who wish to get Office 365 so that they can install Office on their Mac or PC and their phone. Office 365 Personal costs $6.99 a month for just 1 tablet, one phone and one PC or Mac. $9.99 a month gets users 5 Mac or PC Office installs, 5 tablet installs and 5 phone installs. We’re going with Create and Editor for free.

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Tap Done.

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Using Office for iPhone

All of the documents you’ve created using the same Microsoft Account in Office 2013, Office 2012 and even Office Online should all be visible to you now. As we’re in Word, that’s Word documents in our example. Everything is organized in the order it was created and last accessed. Older documents are at the bottom while newer documents are at the top.

Tap New to create a new document.

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Now choose from some pre-made templates. These are the same templates you get in other modern versions of Office. Open if you’d like to view documents from your OneDrive cloud storage or on your iPhone.

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You can open documents from places like Dropbox by tapping on Add a Place.

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When opening anything, you want to tap on the paragraph so that the app zooms in. Tapping anywhere brings up the Office for iPhone keyboard.

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Taping the A in the top brings up formatting options.

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Creating and editing from Excel on iPhone and Power Point on iPhone is mostly the same. All the difference are going to relate to creating what you want. Thankfully, once you’ve signed in with one Office for iPhone app, the others will automatically activate as you open them. PowerPoint on iPhone keeps users in landscape.

Good luck staying productive with Office for iPhone.

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