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How to Use the Galaxy Note 4 as a Remote Control



The powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed full of impressive features and sensors. From a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, and stylus, to even an Infrared blaster to act as a remote control. Just like the Galaxy S5 last year, and a few phones from LG, the Galaxy Note 4 can act as a remote control for any room in the house.

Rocking a new metal design with a large 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display and packing a fingerprint scanner and a stylus isn’t all the Note 4 can do, it also can control your entire living room with the Remote Control app, powered by Peel.

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Like most traditional TV remotes, there is an IR blaster on the top of the Galaxy Note 4 for sending all the right signals. This will let you control your HDTV or Samsung Smart TV, cable box and other home theater equipment like a receiver with ease. The pre-installed app works wonderfully, but it’s essentially the Peel Remote app which is also on the Google Play Store, just bundled and tweaked by Samsung. Read on to see how to use it, and how to setup and use the Note 4 as a remote control.


Some of Samsung’s older tablets offer this feature, as well as all the new Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S6, and more. Not to mention a few other manufacturers like LG and HTC. However, the Samsung Peel app has a lot of nice little features or additional options, customization, and can even be placed in your notification pulldown bar or conveniently on the lockscreen for easy access. In our opinion, Samsung’s integrated remote control is the best stock option available for smartphones and tablets.

Whether you’re vegging out on the couch, or don’t want to get up from your bed to find a lost remote, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has you covered. Here’s how to get started.


Simply go to the application tray and find then select the Smart Remote app, which is a blue and black cartoon-looking icon probably on your last page of apps. Before you get started you’ll put in your location, as well as a zip code, followed by the cable provider you’ve chosen to pay way too much each month. This actually pulls information from your provider so your Note 4 can give you exactly what’s airing on your TV, and when, and much more.


Follow the setup steps listed to personalize your channels and favorite programs as well as connect your HDTV and other home theater pieces to get started. Samsung’s Peel Remote app supports almost all TV brands, and most cable boxes as well. I’ve set it up with my Vizio in the living room along with my entire home theater, which lets me control the cable box and my Denon receiver, as well as my Black Friday special 50-inch Emerson in my bedroom.

The app will instruct you to turn off each device, then walk you through trying to hit the power button, volume up down, or other things, until it gets the right code. If you’ve ever configured a remote before you know what to expect, only the Note 4 app does it all for you. If one code doesn’t work just hit next, and try another. No typing them in, it does all the work. Once done you can control channels, volume, input and more. Meaning I can toggle input to my Chromecast or Fire TV stick and do everything all from my Galaxy Note 4.

We also really like that the Smart Remote app recommends shows you might like. It has a “Just For You” personalization tab where you can uncheck what you don’t like, then get large tiles showing shows based on your interest. You can even input if you’re male or female, and your age range. It’s extremely customizable, not to mention setting notifications and show reminders is a nice touch they’ve added over the past year.

As we mentioned above, the remote control can also be added to the notification pulldown bar, as well as your lockscreen. In the Remote Control app simply head into settings and scroll down to check the box for “Show remote control on notification panel” and “Auto display remote control on lockscreen” and you’re all set for any occasion. There’s even Netflix integration.


We like that the remote controls work right from the lockscreen, and the notification pulldown bar remote can be minimized so it doesn’t take up your entire notification tray of other useful information. Simply hit the hide button to minimize it, then expand it whenever needed for ultimate control. It’s all that easy. It’s on my lockscreen at all times, and I love it.

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Our only complaint is there isn’t an option to add a quick toggle for the remote in the notification bar shortcuts at the top of your pulldown shade. This feature is provided by LG, but Samsung chose not to put this up top for easy toggling on/off. Which is fine because we can minimize it in the pulldown bar, and the lockscreen isn’t much of a concern anyways and notifications will take priority over the remote app.

That’s all there is to it. Get it setup, and enjoy!

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