How to Use the Galaxy Note 4 with Gloves
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How to Use the Galaxy Note 4 with Gloves



Winter is finally here and soon Christmas and the coldest months will arrive. All the while it will be snowing for days and freezing cold. If you’ve ever tried to use your smartphone or Galaxy device with gloves, it doesn’t quite work. Here we’ll explain how to use your Galaxy Note 4 with gloves. Samsung recently introduced a mode specifically to allow users to handle their smartphones even whilst wearing gloves.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has been available for a little while now, and with more and more owners enjoying the large 5.7-inch device and everything the Note 4 has to offer, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about certain tasks.

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Touchscreen devices don’t play well with gloves, and as a result many of Samsung’s recent devices have a feature to curb this exact problem. If you’ve ever been to NYC or Chicago in February you know what we mean. Taking gloves off for a few moments to send a text is never fun, and Samsung has a quick and simple setting to enable you to keep them on, and those typing fingers warm. Read on for the details.

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Of course there are a lot of different options here, and many accessory sites sell gloves that are built and designed specifically to work with touchscreen devices like our iPad or Galaxy Note 4. However, many are cheap gloves or simply too expensive. So instead, just enable a feature in settings to make this extremely easy, and work with any gloves you already own.

It gets cold in the winter, we get it, and taking your gloves off to reply to a text isn’t ideal. So keep those gloves on and follow our simple instructions below.

Use the Galaxy Note 4 with Gloves

The Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and even the Galaxy Note 3 all have a similar feature, so this isn’t anything new for existing users. However, if you’ve newly acquired the Galaxy Note 4 and are experiencing problems now the winter months are here, lets fix it in less than 30 seconds.


It’s really quite easy. Samsung introduced a simple feature in the settings menu that will allow the smartphone to crank up the display sensitivity to a level you wouldn’t usually use, one that will recognize touch input through thick gloves. The option is the same for most Galaxy devices, but in a slightly different place with the redesigns to the Note 4 software.

“Increase Touch Sensitivity” is the setting we’ll be searching for today. Users with the Note 4 will tap the menu button (left of the dedicated home button) and head into system settings. You’ll also be able to tap the Gear-shaped settings icon in the app tray to quickly access the device settings menu. From here you’ll choose the second column listed as “Device” and head into “Display” settings.


Settings > Device > Display > Increase touch sensitivity

All you’ll need to do is head into the display settings and scroll to the bottom. The last option is a checkbox to increase the touchscreen sensitivity. This cranks it up to a high level, something you won’t want to keep enabled on a day to day basis, but if you’re out in the cold it will be high enough that the screen will recognize touch input even while you’re wearing gloves.


That’s it and you’re all done. The touch controls aren’t perfect, or extremely responsive, but it sure beats having to take off your gloves and risk some frostbite. Be sure to keep this feature disabled during daily activities, and only use it when you need to, as it could affect battery life or have you pocket dialing on accident if the user doesn’t have a lockscreen passcode or security.

Now enjoy that Note 4 out in the cold, even while wearing gloves.

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