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How to Use the iPhone Equalizer for Better Sounding Music



Using the built-in iPhone Equalizer settings can drastically improve the quality of music. An equalizer basically works by changing the sound of a track to highlight certain frequencies.

By changing the emphasis on certain frequencies, the user can listen to their music how they prefer to hear it. Certain songs will benefit more from using EQ settings than others. The ones that it makes a difference with make the changes in settings well worth it.

Some songs may not sound as good with the same EQ setting applied to all tracks due to different genres of music. For example, a country song would not sound the best on an EQ setting of bass booster.

How to use iPhone Equalizer.

Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

Scroll down and select Music.

Tap Music

On the next screen tap EQ.

Tap EQ

Next the user can choose which EQ setting is the best for what they are listening to. Here is a look at what some of the options are.

EQ Options

When it comes to deciding which EQ setting to pick it is really mostly based on an individual’s preference. Some users prefer more bass, so a good option to pick would be Bass Booster or Hip Hop due to the emphasis on the bass. The best way to find the right EQ for your ear is to try several out and pick which sounds best for the music you listen to. The EQ can be changed at any time, so if one setting sounds better for your techno collection you can use that one and then switch it later for jamming to classic rock.

Another reason to explore using EQ is your headphones. The sound of the music will be totally different on a pair of over ear headphones compared to the Apple ear pods. If you switch back and forth between several pairs of headphones it may be worth the time to figure out which EQ sounds best with each pair.

One last point to bring up is that EQ settings are only applied when listening to music that is located on the iPhone. This means that music streamed from Pandora, or videos played on YouTube, will not have the same EQ sound.


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