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How to Use the iPhone’s Camera Flash for Calls and Alerts



For many, iPhone notifications is one of the most important features on their phone. From differing sounds to custom vibration patterns, notifications keep you in the loop when a new iMessage, phone call or other app requires attention.

The iPhone also is capable of another type of notification that uses the camera’s LED flash. By enabling the camera flash for notifications, users can be alerted by a visual reminder, not just sound or movement.

The LED notification is extremely useful for monitoring your iPhone if it is not always right by your side. When a message or phone call is received, the LED flash of the iPhone goes off in a pattern to alert the user whether it is a text message or phone call.

How to Setup LED Alerts

Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

Select General.

Tap General

Scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Tap Accessibility

In the accessibility options find LED Flash for Alerts.

LED Flash

Turn the slider to ON.

LED Enabled

After LED flash has been set to ON the iPhone will flash anytime there is a notification for the user.

The LED flash will always sound for messages and phone calls but it may or not for other applications. The additional notification style is helpful when an iPhone is on silent or also when the ringer is too far away to be heard. LED flash will alert iPhone owners whether silent moder or volume is enabled. Also, the flash will not go off if the iPhone’s display is on.

This feature is also useful for those who have their phones with the display facing down a lot. This way messages and other notifications remain unseen by others, yet the individual still knows that there is one.

Although this feature is great, it does come with a few drawbacks. While testing the feature I found that it is not optimal for car use, especially at night (it makes it look like you are being pulled over). Also, the feature may not work out well in movie theaters or other places that need to be kept dark.


1 Comment

1 Comment

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