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How to Use the People Feature in Photos in iOS 10



Here is a guide on how to use the People feature in Photos iOS 10. There are quite a few new enhancements to the Photos application yet one of the most welcomed is People.

This feature will scan your photos for familiar faces and assemble albums based on what the Photos app finds.

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How to Use the People Feature in Photos in iOS 10

Here are the steps to learn how to use the People Feature in Photos.

Watch the above video for more information on how to better understand the new People Feature.

Names of People and Favorites

When you first open the new album entitled People, you will see a grid of faces that you have taken pictures of. You will have the ability to add people’s names by tapping each of their face groups and tapping Name at the top of the window. Further photos of this individual will appear here with their name saved.


You can also tap and drag People up to the Favorites menu to have them appear first when you open the People album. This gesture moves the same as moving Apps icons around on the home screen yet will stop movement when you lift your finger.

People Slideshows

In addition to being able to create Memories slideshows by location, you can also create them for each individual person. This is able to be accomplished by tapping the album of the person in question and you will be greeted to their own collection of photos.


iOS 10 now allows you to create slideshows complete with music for your locations and the same tools can be used within this person’s album. You will see a preview for the slideshow in addition to their name at the top off the screen and you can tap the play button to view this pre-made slideshow.

While the slideshow is playing, you can tap the screen to be greeted with further customizations for your slideshow including different moods from the included music, Add custom music, change titles and duration. You will be prompted to Create a Memory for this slideshow yet you will be bale to save this new slideshow with just pictures of the featured person.


This is a great new feature for the mobile version of Photos as this feature was prominent within Apple’s iPhoto and was definitely used to great extent by many users. It is especially useful for quick reference to your iPhone’s photo library when you wonder if you have a photo of a specific family member. A few quick taps into Photos will quickly show you anyone you may have photographed and allow you to identify the photo you’re searching for quickly.

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