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How to Watch Amazon Video on Rooted Kindle Fire



The devs over at XDA Developer’s Forum posted a root method for the Kindle Fire within a day or two of its launch, but as we reported it breaks the Amazon Prime video service. I speculated that there’d be a fix soon, and apparently someone already found a workaround until the actually fix shows up.

Again, the source? XDA!

The method involves first rooting your device and then installing the Android Market on the Fire. After installing the market look for an app called OTA Rootkeeper, from VooDoo.

Ota rootkeeper

This app will temporarily unroot the Fire so you can fire up the Fire video app and buy video or watch the free Prime content. After you reboot your Fire it will again be rooted with all the wonderful, but at this point limited, fun.

In other words the ability to download Market apps, but not much else yet.

I’m not going to root my Fire just yet, so I haven’t tried this out yet. If you do, let us know how well it works in the comments below.



  1. Anonymous

    11/20/2011 at 9:26 pm

  2. Deckerpm

    01/05/2012 at 9:06 am

    I have rooted my Fire, and ended up getting the pesky error, “Your device is no longer configured correctly to watch Amazon videos.” I did install the rootkeeper and it works flawlessly.  Now I can get the Marketplace and my Prime videos.  Looking forward to many more hacks for the Fire.

  3. Econometrics92592

    03/22/2012 at 3:04 pm

    looking for help here, installed OTA rootkeeper and functioning correctly by message indicated.  Tried amazon video and still claims not configured correctly.  Am I not completing a step somewhere?

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