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How to Watch Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Event



Rumors that we’d see a Surface Pro 4 announced by Microsoft were particularly widespread over the summer. Allegedly, the company also had brand new Windows phones coming to take on Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. That never happened. At least, it hasn’t yet. Two weeks ago Microsoft began sending out invitations to press outlets for a Windows 10 Devices Event. Yesterday the company skipped over the press entirely, inviting users who’d purchased its Microsoft Band 2 and other devices to watch the event live over the internet.

The Windows 10 Devices Event is today, October 6th. Here’s how to watch the Windows 10 Devices Event when it begins later this morning.

windows 10 devices event

How to Watch Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Event Online

Microsoft is broadcasting the livestream directly from its website at This livestream should work on any kind of device with an internet connection and a modern web browser. That includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and even Apple’s Safari for Mac.

That being said, older browsers like Internet Explorer on the Xbox One might have some issues. Typically, Microsoft uses a special plugin for its streams. Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can get around this limitation with the Xbox Live Interactive Events app. On the Xbox Store itself the app is identified as simply XliE. Look for the app in the Xbox Store, once you’ve downloaded tune in. Microsoft hasn’t said if there’ll be interactive content for users to experience with this livestream. It’s a trick the company routinely uses for its presentations at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

When Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Event Starts

Exactly how far ahead the livestream will begin broadcasting, Microsoft isn’t saying. It has confirmed that the Windows 10 Devices Event will kick off at 10 A.M. That’s Eastern Standard Time since the event is in New York City. Typically, there’s some pre-game music before the event kicks off. Anyone on America’s East Coast won’t need to get up too early.

The same isn’t true for Windows 10 Devices Event viewers on the Pacific Coast. The Pacific Coast is three hours behind the event. Accounting for time zone changes, the Windows 10 Devices Event starts at 7PM Pacific Time. In London, it starts at 3PM. In Sydney, Australia, that’s 1 A.M. Wednesday.

What to Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Event

What we should expect from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Event is a bit unclear at this point.

Leaked photos of the Microsoft Band 2 sent to Microsoft Insider, allegedly.

Leaked photos of the Microsoft Band 2 sent to Microsoft Insider, allegedly.

First, Microsoft sent out invitations to the livestream to users who’d already purchased a Microsoft Band. That at least confirms that we’ll see a new version of that device. Some say it’ll be called the Microsoft Band 2. The first Microsoft Band arrived last year. It’s part fitness wearable, part way to avoid pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Leaked renders of the Lumia 950, shared by Evleaks.

Leaked renders of the Lumia 950, shared by Evleaks.

It’s pretty much a given that we’ll see Microsoft announce two new phones at this event too. Those are the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Pictures of those devices are already available. Leaks also revealed their specifications and internals.

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Things are pretty murky as far as the Surface Pro 4 is concerned. Some outlets report there are two Surface Pros getting announced at the Windows 10 Devices event. Allegedly, one of these will be a replacement for the Surface Pro 3. Watchers believe the second Windows 2-in-1 announced at Microsoft’s even tomorrow will be a Surface Pro 4 with a bigger screen. The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch display.

Others speculate that the new Surface Pro 4 will adjust the borders around its screen when users switch it in and out of Tablet Mode. We’ve seen no leaked pictures of the Surface Pro 4 or its rumored big brother.

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Allegedly, on the docket is Microsoft’s answer to wearable computers and VR headsets like the Oculus. Microsoft first revealed HoloLens at a briefing back in January. It’s said nothing new about it since. HoloLens overlays holograms on top of whatever the user sees in front of them. Demos at E3 showcased Minecraft being played on coffee table. Other demos have included Netflix and Skype video chat.

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It’s unclear when any of these new Windows 10 devices will go on sale. We don’t have any information on pricing either.

Whatever Microsoft announces, it should be pretty interesting. Gotta Be Mobile will be at the event in person, cataloging the announcements and getting hands-on with the new smartphones, fitness bands and other devices. Later in the week we’ll have commentary on how these new devices compare to the latest competition from Apple, Google and Samsung. That includes the newly announced iPad Pro and the recently released iPhone 6s, Nexus, iPhone 6s Plus and Apple Watch.

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