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How to Watch Netflix Offline & HBO Offline



This guide will show you how to watch Netflix offline. With an easy and affordable tool you can download Netflix movies and TV shows to watch offline. The same tool allows you to watch HBO Go offline Hulu Plus offline and other shows, using the same tool.

To download Netflix to watch offline you will need to download PlayOn, and upgrade to the plan that allows you to save Netflix videos to your computer to watch offline later.

Once you sign up and download the new PlayOn with PlayOn Plus, you will need to log in to your accounts that you want to download.

For this to work, you will need a Windows computer. There is no PlayOn Mac app at this time, and it’s not likely that one will come in the near future as it is a request we’ve seen for a long time.

When you use this app to download Netflix to watch offline the program embeds your IP address and user info on the video file.

How to Watch Netflix Offline

You can use PlayOn to download HBO Go and Netflix to watch offline while on a plane or in a car without an Internet connection.

Download PlayOn and sign up for a free account.

After you download this you will need to sign up for a PlayOn Plus account for as low as $4.99 a month. This will unlock this option.

netflix offline 2

Next up you need to add a Channel in the Settings. This is where you enter your Netflix username and password. You can go to the HBO section to enter the username and password for that service as well.

After this is connected you will be able to click on the icon on the main screen of PlayLayer or PlayOn and from here you can search for movies or TV shows to record to your hard drive.

netflix offline

When you find one you want, click on record. It will take a while to record, since you are essentially recording a copy of the file, not actually downloading a Netflix movie.

PlayLater worked 95% of the time in our tests, and with a restart we could get all the files we needed for a long flight.

netflix offline 3

Once you record a movie or a TV show you can then transfer it to another computer or to an iPhone, iPad or Android to watch later without the need to convert files or use a special program to move it.

netflix offline 4

You can see your recordings and monitor the progress in the PlayOn app so that you can see what you saved and where it is located. It is possible to line up multiple shows or movies to record.

The movie and TV show quality is good, with no noticeable difference between streaming and watching the version PlayLater recorded.

Is this Legal?

The biggest question about using this service to watch Netflix offline is if it is legal. According to the Netflix terms of service users cannot download Netflix videos.

Toms Guide offers a deeper dive into how legal this is and discusses if Netflix can tell you are using the service. It’s a good idea to read this and make a decision before you use the service.

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1 Comment

  1. Piston

    04/21/2016 at 9:25 am

    sorry but… could you simply answer the question about if this is legal with yes or no? this is ILEGAL, don’t download this app, don’t buy the upgrade.

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