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How to Watch the iPhone 6 & iWatch Event Live



Tomorrow is the day when Apple will finally announce and unveil what we can only expect to be the iPhone 6 and the iWatch smartwatch. Here’s how to watch it live from the comfort of your couch.

Unlike last year’s iPhone 5s event, Apple has announced that it will live-stream the iPhone 6 event online. This isn’t the first time that Apple has live-streamed its events, but it’s also not a common practice for the Cupertino-based company.

However, it might be because this event could be a special one. Not only will Apple launch a new iPhone, but it’s possible that the company could finally unveil the iWatch, which would be Apple’s entrance into the wearable market.

The live stream will be available on Apple’s website from the web browser, although the company didn’t say whether or not the video feed will be reserved for Apple products only. In the past, Apple has only allowed Apple products access to its live-streams of its events, so users who have a Mac, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone could stream the event live on these devices, but Windows machines, Android devices, and other non-Apple products would be out of luck.

While the company hasn’t provided specifics about this just yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple limited access to only those who own an Apple product.

What to Expect During the Event

Obviously, the two big products that we’ll most likely see during Apple’s event tomorrow are the iPhone 6 and the iWatch.

If you’re reading this, then you might already know about the iPhone 6 and have followed the rumors, but if you’re one that hasn’t taken the time to keep up with the crazy amount of iPhone rumors over the last several months (and we don’t blame you), here are some things you should expect from the iPhone 6 and iWatch.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.11.06 AM

For the most part, the iPhone 6 is expected to come with an all-new design and a larger screen, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch options as the agreed up sizes that we might see.

However, we have yet to know what storage sizes the iPhone 6 will come on, and price seems to be something that has been questioned over the last several weeks, with some sources saying that the entry-level iPhone 6 will start at $249 instead of the usual $199.

You can catch up on most of the iPhone 6 rumors that we’ve heard about over the last few months by checking out our comprehensive roundup.

As for the iWatch, no one really knows a lot of details about the wearable device, other than a few small bits of information, like how it could come with NFC, 8GB of storage, and be available in two different sizes.

We should expect Apple to detail the smartwatch and show us all the cool features. However, rumors still point to a 2015 release window for the iWatch, so while Apple could announce the device tomorrow, it may not actually release the wearable to the public until next year at some point.

This could also mean that the Cupertino-based company might be very cautious about revealing too much about the device, and while it could show off an actual iWatch unit to everyone, don’t expect CEO Tim Cook and company to allow attendees to get their hands on the device.


We’ll also be briefed on iOS 8 during the event, in which Apple will provide more details on the new mobile operating system. iOS 8 was announced at WWDC 2014 back in June, and the company showed off quite a bit of new features, but expect Apple to show off even more features during its iPhone 6 event.

We should also expect a release date for iOS 8, and while that hasn’t been talked about much in the flurry of iPhone 6 rumors, iOS 8 will most likely be released a few days before the iPhone 6 launches to the public, which could be September 17 or around that time.

This is because Apple has gotten into the pattern of releasing new iOS releases a few days before it unleashes its latest iPhone, with last year being a prime example. iOS 7 released a couple of days before the iPhone 4s launch.

While iOS 8 keeps the same overall look and feel of iOS 7, it comes with a handful of improvements and new features, including better notifications and a ton of new features in iMessage.

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