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How to Watch The Super Bowl Ads Now: YouTube



The NFL and YouTube are teaming up to make watching this year’s Super Bowl advertisements a bit easier. Today, the two formally announced that users can head to a special YouTube hub to watch a bit of this year’s biggest commercials – more than two weeks before they’re actually scheduled to air on live television.

Dubbed YouTube Ad Blitz, YouTube highlighted the new hub in a post on its YouTube Spotlight blog this week. As of now, excited viewers can head their right now to watch teasers of the commercials that will air before the Super Bowl starts.

Once the game has concluded and the final ads are posted to YouTube Ad Blitz, YouTube will allow users to cast their vote for favorite commercial from their “laptop, smartphone or tablet.”


Currently, Ad Blitz is offering teasers for some of America’s biggest brands. Intuit, SquareSpace, Pepsi and Doritos all have teasers of their game day commercials on the site. These ads being Super Bowl-related and all, Ad Blitz does have some content for sports fans. The site has teamed up with Fox Sports to showcase highlights from all the NFL playoff games airing on the network.

YouTube has also partnered with many of its popular video stars to produce their own content for Ad Blitz. However, today’s post didn’t indicate which stars will be a part of the hub’s content line-up.

Every year millions of Americans tune into local broadcast stations to watching one of the biggest sporting events in the world: the Super Bowl. Equally as important to many of those viewers are the Super Bowl ads that run doing the game, companies spend millions to advertise during America’s most watched football game, and each year these commercials have become what those uninterested in sports talk about for the next week or so.

YouTube says that last year Super Bowl ads racked up more than 265 million views and accounted for around 3.2 million hours of video playback.


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